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Is it normal to look at boys' penises at the urinals?

Its not unusual. It could mean 2 things: - you want to see how other guys penises look like and compare yourself - you are gay and like looking at their penises. if you get a kick from looking at them it probably means you are either gay or bi

Is it normal for 12 year old boys to look at other boys penises?

Yes. Men frequently check each other out in the locker room and at urinals. They tend to do it secretly however, because some guys will get angry.

Does the UK have urinals in public restrooms?

Yes, the UK has urinals.

Is it true that urinals in the Vatican look like Virgin Mary?

No, they are normal flat steel or porcelain urinals.

Are there urinals in Sims 3?


How much more efficient are urinals compared to toilets?

most urinals take 1/3 less water to clear the waste plus , for every toilet there are 2 urinals thus servicing more users.

Do they have urinals in South Africa?


Do girls bathroom have urinals?

No, just toilets

Are waterless Urinals allowed in the State of Illinois?


Where can you get a female or unisex urinal?

All the geographical places in India, Asia you have female urinals separate from male urinal, but you don't have only female urinals.

Why do men have to use urinals?

Because women are sexist

What are the release dates for On the Up - 2007 Talking Urinals - 1.25?

On the Up - 2007 Talking Urinals - 1.25 was released on: USA: 4 March 2007

Gay guys looking at other guys at urinals?

My answer, probably

How do you use this urinals and how to see other penis discreetly in this urinals?

in this type of urinals pee in it and then use the small handle to the left to flush so it's rinsed do not provide links to sites that films people secretly!We do not help violating people's privacy!

What did Hitler do in the navy?

He carried urinals which contained urine from Jewish admirals.

Why do they always show mens rooms scenes in movies and on tv do you really like seeing this?

They show urinals in movies and TV shows because women like to see them, and it's a woman's world Guys like to see naked boobs and women's nipples. Gals like to see urinals. That's why the show so many men's rooms scenes making sure everyone sees the urinals in movies and on TV. Please respond and prove me wrong ladies and guys They show urinals because women like to see them. Men like too see bare breasts and nipples, and women like to see urinals. That's why we get to see them in movies and TV

On Pokemon pearl in route 213 What is in the girls room?

Toilits, and yet there is no urinals

Why do boys have different urinals?

Because they pee from the front of their body, not between their legs.

How do women pee in urinals?

NOOOO!!!!!!! they don't, they are designed for men, which is why they are in mens toilets !!!

What can you use Copper for?

eating peoples left urinals true story (:O)

Why are girl and boys bathrooms different?

Boy's bathrooms have urinals and girl's bathrooms do not.

What are those things on the wall in the men's bathroom?

Urinals. For when you only need to pee.

Where can you find portable urinals used for voiding bladder during dining?

You can find them on

Can there be security camera in bathrooms?

yes but it has to be in a place where people can't be seen using urinals or toilet bowls

Centerline for outlet of urinal off floor?

There would be no set or standard height. How tall is the average user going to be? Are boys going to use it? There is some variance in urinals also. 24 to 30 inches should work for most men.