Im 23 how long will you have to hold your permit for?

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One month (30 Days)
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How long can you hold a learners permit?

Answer . \nFirst it depends on which state you are in because some states you must have it for at least 6months and expires a year later!

If im 18 years old how long do i have to have a permit in Missouri?

A drivers permit is issued for new drivers. Once the candidate driver has completed the required behind the wheel time as stipulated by state law, then that person needs to ta
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In Kentucky how long do you have to hold your driver's permit before you can take the driving test?

People under age 21 must hold the permit for a minimum of 180 days and those under 18 must complete a minimum of 60 hours of practice driving, 10 of which must occur at night.
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How long does a 18 year old have to hold a permit?

Depends on the state. In PA there is no designated time an 18 year old has to hold a permit. You can get the permit turn around and take the driving test, all you have to do i