Im 23 how long will you have to hold your permit for?

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How long can you hold a learners permit?

Answer . \nFirst it depends on which state you are in because some states you must have it for at least 6months and expires a year later!

How long do you have to have your drivers permit?

Answer . It can vary from State to State. In the State of Alabama, you have to be in possession of your driving permit for 6 months. Then you have to take the road test and if you pass it, you will get your driver's license.

Is it legal to date a 17 if im 23?

Dating is not legislated anywhere. It is legal to date. If you are doing more than just holding hands, there could be issues. The age of sexual consent varies from state to state. Some states it is 16, 17 or even 18.

How long does a motorcycle permit last?

In many US jurisdictions with combined licenses, the permit lastsuntil the expiration of the current driver's license term (if any).It is usually possible to renew both at the same time. A motorcycle learner's permit expires after a given period, and insome cases must be renewed before it expires o ( Full Answer )

If im 18 years old how long do i have to have a permit in Missouri?

A drivers permit is issued for new drivers. Once the candidate driver has completed the required behind the wheel time as stipulated by state law, then that person needs to take the driving test with a MVD Examiner. Upon completion, and of course passing, that driving test, the candidate is eligible ( Full Answer )

Can you get a work permit if im 13?

yeah you can...i got a job permit, I'm 13... only thing you need is your parents authorization... and that's it!

Can you hold a learners permit in multiple states?

No, you cannot hold a learner's permit in multiple states at the same time. A learner's permit is a type of valid driver's license, and you can only hold one valid license at a time.. A driver's license is also a way of establishing residency in a state, and you can only be a resident of one state ( Full Answer )

Im 13 can i get a work permit?

no not until you are 15 because of child labor laws child labor laws are laws that keep kids for working if there under 15 because some people over work kids a take advantage of them by under paying. just enjoy your life while your a kid because being an adult isn't all that fun as you think.

You got a speeding ticket with your permit and im 18 ca?

the officer said ask for traffic school i go for my driving test next month help what willl happen.............I got also a speeding ticket going 55 in 25 school zone with my permit and I'm 16 and when i went to court the judge asked me when can i take him my license and i told him in a month and he ( Full Answer )

Im 23 you never had a boyfriend is it normal?

Nothing wrong with that. Just wait for the time that he will walk into your life. It is normal.. Nothing wrong with that. Just wait for the time that he will walk into your life. It is normal.

Im 16 my girlfriend is 23?

Depends where you are to wether or not that is a problem. Also depends on your level of maturity and also hers. Are you mature enough for a relationship with someone older? Is she not mature enough to be with someone her own age? First thing people will ask is why, obviously older women are se ( Full Answer )

Im 23 and Im not pregnant but my hips are still widening is this normal?

I have the same situation my hips have widened throughout this year (just turned 24) apparently it's not uncommon, for this to happen. All though it usually happens for most females during adolescence. Now I'm just waiting for it to happen to my breasts lol

How long is a learner's permit course?

Mine was 8 hours long with a few breaks. It wasnt bad, i got money off my insurance for taking a professional driving course, and i also ace'd the test. It really is worth it.

How long is learners permit good for?

6 months, then your able to get your driver's license if your 16 or older. But if your 18 or older u can take the learner's and driver's at the same time.

What if im in county jail and im about to get released but there is a hold?

Then you won't get released. A "hold" means that someone else (some other county perhaps) wants you for an offense in their jurisdiction. When your sentence is complete for the offense you are currently in jail for, the other county will be notified and will come and take you into their custody.

In Kentucky how long do you have to hold your driver's permit before you can take the driving test?

People under age 21 must hold the permit for a minimum of 180 days and those under 18 must complete a minimum of 60 hours of practice driving, 10 of which must occur at night. (However, those under 18 are not allowed to drive between midnight and 6:00 AM, unless the driver can demonstrate good cause ( Full Answer )

Does holding a learners permit mean you have a c class license?

No. It means you have a learner's permit. Licence classification varies by state. In some states, a Class C licence is a 'typical' licence, and, in other states, classes A, B, and C are reserved exclusively for CDLs, and a standard operator's permit would be class D or E.

How long does a 18 year old have to hold a permit?

Depends on the state. In PA there is no designated time an 18 year old has to hold a permit. You can get the permit turn around and take the driving test, all you have to do is pass.

Can a felon hold a handgun permit?

It depends, and there are two parts to the answer. Generally speaking, felons cannot own or even possess handguns, and no state will issue handgun permits to felons. UNLESS: The felon has had his or her rights restored. In that case, yes, it is possible for a felon to obtain a gun permit.

How long permit to hit a shot?

There are no penalties for taking too long to play a shot, but you shouldn't spend an unreasonable amount of time playing your shot. I'd say that taking over a minute to play a shot would count as unreasonable.

How long does a driers permit last?

A drivers permit or learners permit is only meant to be temporary until you go and get your actual license and will expire. In most states the expiration date is 1 year after it is issued.