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13 is a little young to make a choice like that, can you stand the teasing you will get if your friends and classmates find out, you could just wear them at home but hope you have understanding parents if they find out which they will, or just wait awhile and if this is still something that intersts you when you are a little older then go for it

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Q: Im a boy and im 13 and i like to wear panties is it okay?
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Is it ok for a boy to wear a bra and panties to feel pretty?

Yes if one feels that way , then well of course there not made particularly for men but yes it's okay .

Im a boy and like wear thongs?

its okay to like thong its natural for men and boys to wear thongs

Do boys wear bras and panties and why?

No, they don't need to because they have underwear of their own. Sometimes, if the boy feels like wearing one.

What kind of panties do you like?

i like biini style and boy shorts.

Why is it okay for a girl to dress like boy but not okay for a boy to dress like a girl?

its society

What can you wear to make a boy like you?

Okay first you shouldn't have to wear something to get a guy to like you. You just wear what is comfortable, and then act cofortable around him, and that will make him like you more than showing off your lady lumps.

What is the best style of panties?

I like bikini style and boy shorts.

Why should girls wear panties?

to be sexy to the boy Also basic personal hygiene. Many young people find very dark OR light, see-thru panties sexy. thay dont have to wear them in the first place

You wear women's and girl's panties you are a 14 year old boy is this normal?

Only if you are Metrosexual, other than that, NO!

Why do panties feel better then boys undies by the way I'm a boy?

Most women's panties are made without seams and with smoother and softer materials. You may want to try silk underwear for men if wearing women's panties bothers you. I you want to wear something similar to panties, I would suggest buying the Jockey Brand "Life" underwear. I wear the bikini briefs and it is just like wearing girls panties. but they are men's underwear. You can purchase them at Walmart for $10.00 a package (5 in a pack).

How common is it for a boy to steal panties?

On a good day, a boy will steal 3-4 pairs of panties.

Is it okay for a boy to wear makeup?

If he's got a lot of self confidence, why not?