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Free and e-mail address and IM services offered by America Online.

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AOL Mail and AIM IM

What is acresso software manager agent?

It is a software management tool provided by certain software manufacturers. These style of tools tend to allow the manufacturer to add software updates and whenever those software publishers provide updates, it will signal an update to install.

It is used to connect to the Internet to check for software updates for the following software applications: Roxio, DragonNaturally Speaking, Corel Draw, Acronis, Articulate, and other programs that make use of the service FLEXnet Connect.

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AOL Mail and AIM IM

When aim chat free chat coming back?

It's never coming back!

AOL Mail and AIM IM

Give you name some cool email ID?




AOL Mail and AIM IM

What is the aim of rounders?

to score a goal

AOL Mail and AIM IM

You have yahoo im can you im someone on aim?

of course you can jus go on to meebo and sign on to the 1 that says yahoo and add ur aim friends from there

AOL Mail and AIM IM

What questions should I ask my crush on AIM?

You can just ask them how their day was. be a little flirtatious with them. keep them entertained!

AOL Mail and AIM IM

Is AOL free email still free?


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AOL Mail and AIM IM

How do you find out whose buddy lists you are on for AOL Instant Messenger?

If you have AIM for Mac, which I do, you can go to the me section on the toolbar labeled with Buddies, Lifestream and ME. There should be text that says Buddy Lists That I'm on. Click on that, and it will list people, that are willing to share their buddy list, that have you on them. If this has to do with Windows, this may or may not be helpful.

First, you add them to your buddy list. Then, you wait for them to put a status message up. When their status message is posted, under your 'buddy list', you scroll over their name with your mouse and a little box will pop up giving their name and message. If they have you on their list, there will be a comment link highlighted for you to add a comment, much like facebook.

Also, you can go to your Lifestream and look there. There is a heart and a comment section under their status message. If you are ON their list, these will be highlighted and you will be able to like or comment them.

If you are NOT on their list, the like and comment will be greyed out and if you scroll over them, a little message will come up saying 'ask this person to add you to their friend list'

AOL Mail and AIM IM

Is AOL server down now 8-7-2011?

I have not been able to get on in a few days. So I'm thinking it is down.

AOL Mail and AIM IM

How do you im someone in AIM?

click on chat and enter a chat room.

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For how much is AOL buying The Huffington Post?

the price is 315 milion $

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How can you find out who someone is from their screen name?


AOL Mail and AIM IM

What is a cuddle buddy?

A pillow

AOL Mail and AIM IM

Is AOL still around?

well not the oringinal AOL but 9.1 and 9.0 are around

AOL Mail and AIM IM

How do you get out of an AOL AIM Blast Group?

Type in the Blast Group "!leave" without quotes.

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AOL Mail and AIM IM

What is ESPN's email address?

The e-mail address for's customer services is

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Who owns website xnxxcom?

website is owned by Italian businessman named fabrizio d.a. berlusconi who also lives in the united states. i researched foreign business records and found out he owns plus he owns an offshore gambling website

AOL Mail and AIM IM

How do you get a 3 way im on aim?

Download the new AIM and then go to 'menu' at the very top and click 'new group chat'

AOL Mail and AIM IM

What does jfs mean on aim?

Im pretty sure it's just f**king saying

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Why would Internet Explorer provided by Blueyonder keep popping up if your ISP is AOL?

The Internet Explorer title window is often changed by various internet service providers when you install their software. That change will remain until you edit the registry and remove it. The following is a link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article that will give you instructions for removing that or changing it to whatever you want.

AOL Mail and AIM IM

How does one get AOL Instant Messenger to save or log conversations automatically?

It's in the preferences. -DJ Craig

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AOL Mail and AIM IM

How can you change your AOL password?

Change my password

AOL Mail and AIM IM

If you reported someone to AOL by accident how can you get it so you can talk if now it will not let them send instant messages to you?

You should call AOL and let them know you reported the person by mistake. If you don't, the TOS violation will stay on their record for no good reason. While you have them on the phone, tell them you want to receive IMs from them again and they will be able to re-enable it.

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Do any of the divas have AIM screennames?

all i know is trishes screename is : stratusfaction223 I seriously doubt that's it. I'm sure they don't have AIM screen names. Some of em might, but they're not going to go giving it out publicly.

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How do you know whose block list you're on for AOL Instant Messenger?

You can easily find out by entering your friends' AIM usernames into an AIM status checker such as A less time-consuming method would be to export your buddy list, and import it to a new screen name. You could then switch between screen names to check the differences.


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