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Im secretly in love with this guy We slept together once a month ago and he says he likes me and talks to me everyday but he flirts with my bf and says he can't commit because of my age. what do I do?


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May 15, 2007 2:05AM

Get away from him! This guy is obviously no good to you. Try to get your bf to do the same. He is only going to use you both- he has no real feelings of love for either of you. Reality check: Do you REALLY love this guy? Probably not. Emotions get so confusing. Besides, if he "can't commit" because of your age, then why on earth did he sleep with you in the first place? True love waits, as annoying, stupid, and religious as it sounds, it is true. Don't give your heart and body to guys who don't care about you, but wait for the one who will marry you, stick with you, and love you for eternity. He took advantage of your good feelings for him by having sex with you while you were too young. Now, he is basically taunting you in front of your boyfriend. If you were both interested in each other (not probable, given the circumstances), you would have broken up with your boyfriend and he would have committed to being with you (without benefits) until you were of age. When you truly love someone there is no other choice but honesty within the relationship and caring. Sounds like your boyfriend is not a keeper and neither is your crush.