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Get away from him! This guy is obviously no good to you. Try to get your bf to do the same. He is only going to use you both- he has no real feelings of love for either of you. Reality check: Do you REALLY love this guy? Probably not. Emotions get so confusing. Besides, if he "can't commit" because of your age, then why on earth did he sleep with you in the first place? True love waits, as annoying, stupid, and religious as it sounds, it is true. Don't give your heart and body to guys who don't care about you, but wait for the one who will marry you, stick with you, and love you for eternity. He took advantage of your good feelings for him by having sex with you while you were too young. Now, he is basically taunting you in front of your boyfriend. If you were both interested in each other (not probable, given the circumstances), you would have broken up with your boyfriend and he would have committed to being with you (without benefits) until you were of age. When you truly love someone there is no other choice but honesty within the relationship and caring. Sounds like your boyfriend is not a keeper and neither is your crush.

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Why the verb 'commit to' is followed by present participle?

Commit is not always used this way They commit a burglary everyday.

How often do people commit suicide from bullying?


How do you use a sentence using commit and commitment?

I am going to commit to this program so the know that i would come everyday they call me in i promise.

Why were japanese held in internment camps during world war 2?

Because the leaders of Britain and USA were frightened they would be tempted to secretly fight for Japan and commit acts of sabotage and spying.

How many kids die from being bullied every day?

Teenagers commit suicide everyday because they can't take the bullying anymore. You have no idea how bad it can get!!

Should you commit suicide because you have genital warts?

No, you don't have to commit suicide.

When you commit to someone what does that mean?

When you commit You are giving the other trust, love, care, your life together and the fact that youwill always be there for him or her.

Why do women commit adultery?

Because I can.

Why do people like to commit crime?

There are different reasons why people commit crimes and most often depends on the crime they commit. Sometimes murderers commit murder because it makes the feel powerful.

Why do people disagree with jack kevorkian on what he did?

Because he let people to commit suicide and encourage them to commit suicide.

Which of these is correct commit a suicide or commit suicide and why?

It would be "commit suicide", because you do it to yourself, and can only do it (right) once. To "commit a suicide" would imply multiple are possible, which is not true, using the indefinite article, "a".

Who committed suicide after Natalie Wood broke up with them?

After she broke up with her high school boyfriend (whom she was secretly engaged) he tried to kill himself, but he did not actually commit suicide.

Boyfriend won't commit to you after 13 years of being together?

then you dun goof'd

How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the US?

Not many children commit suicide because they usually tell their parents or teachers first. But if it gets very bad, about 3% of children might commit suicide because of it. Mostly if it involves threats or murders.

Why do youth commit crime?

Why does anyone commit crime? It's because of peer pressure amongst other issues.

People commit suicide because of racism?

people who take it seriously commit suacide or they complain to someone or the police.

What percentage of kids commit suicide because of bullying?

Around 8% bullied teens try to commit Suicide.

Why did Adolf Hitler commit suicide even thought he said only cowards commit suicide?

Because he was a coward.

How can you tell if when breaking up it is for the better of both not because you didnt get along but because of not being able to commit?

If even one part of a couple is not able to commit then it is better for both involved to not be together. You cannot be in a relationship if someone doesn't want to be nor can you force them to stay with you despite their feelings because it may be what you want. You must move on and respect this persons decision and feelings.

Why do juveniles commit serious crimes?

Juveniles commit serious crimes because they feel they have to do it because of the pressure their in. it may be because of problems at home and are so bottled up that they took it out on someone else.

Did Hilter commit sucide?

Because he lost the war.

Can you commit suicide after death?

no because you will already be dead

Do children commit suicide because of bullying?

A lot of child do because of the effect it has on them.

What is definition for the word conspire?

To covertly plan together to commit an illegal or wrongful act .

Why didn't Jews in the ghettos commit suicide?

Because they had dignity and hope. Not everyone resorts to such a low tone level as to commit suicide.