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Im thin im 16 now how to get normal?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-18 13:40:37

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Eat the right food, and excersie daily.

2007-06-18 13:40:37
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If im fat now will you be thin when im older?

It depends, if you excersize and eat right.

You are 16 and im rather thin but you want to build muscle and get strong biceps how can you?

Lift weights?

If Im 14 and 1 month and im getting chest hairs it this normal?

Everyone develops at different ages. il b 16 n october and im jus now getting leg hair and have peach fuzz on my chest but ya its normal and u probally hit puberty early

Why do I Find the male reproductive organs so repulsive It is to the point where the thought of them nearly makes me vomit I am a 16 year old female Is this normal?

Im 16 too and I felt exacly the same until Im now with my boyfriend and as you do, we tried new things and I feel fine about it now! Just a case of finding how you feel once your in situations

Im 13 years old and im 5'5 now and started puberty when i was 10?

That is perfectly normal for both boys and girls.

Im 15 almost 16 im pregnant my boyfriend is almost 18?

You have had sex illigally and now you're screwed

How many people like hard headbands?

i do i like the thin plastic colorful ones im wearing one now

What is the normal penis size of an 11 year old?

Hmm well when i was 11 it was 3inches but im 13 now and im 8 inches

Is it normal for a 16 year old boy to wear pull ups?

Im only 13 so i dont have kids but no i dont think its normal

Is 50kg to big for a 13 year old girl?

No it isn't . Normal weight U can try working out your BMI mass at It will calculate if your weight is normal in your age and height. Im 16 and 53kg and am told Im normal weight

If your penis is seven inches now and im 16 how big will it be when im 21?

One cannot predict the size of their penis in many years.

How old is Bryan breeding in 2010?

he is 16 right now in 2010 but you know what im not sure

Is it normal for a 16 year old to wear cartoon briefs?

yes if you pefer tham wear them as i do wear them to and im 21

Is it normal for a 16 year old to have to shave every week?

It is within the wide range of human normality. I recollect shaving about once a week at 16 years. im seventeen and save at least once a week :) that's normal!

It is normal to have anal cramping during my menstrual period?

i don know but im haven them right now n it hurts soooooo bad.....i think it is normal cause ive bbeen getting the every period but im fine

How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license in Maryland?

im 11 (girl) in Maryland and i love ducati's, crotch rockets, and v rods. I thin kthat you have to 16 in Maryland

What Is The Average pant Size For a 14 Year Old Girl. Im 5.6 and im roughly 120 pounds and im a size 3. is that normal or what?

Normal, these days, would be 5.6 and 250. So no, you're not normal... thank god. you're absolutely fine. Now go kiss some boys or something.

Im 15 and were a size 16 is that normal?

If it is a youth size shirt, that might make sense. If they are women's size 16 pants, that is very large for a 15 year old.

Im 3 stone and im 12 is that normal?


What is the scoop on a thin person?

Im not sure but I think it's finding out how someone - thin - go to be thin/stay thin like a reporter getting a scoop on a story [:

Im 16 and have had a constant pain or dull ache in my right breast for over 2months now What can it be im getting worried now. Please help?

Go to another doctor and find out what's worng...............

Im 14 and you have a 7 and a half inch penis is that a good size women?

Yes, normal size is about 6 to 6 and half. oh yeah now im happy!

Is it normal to have size 34D bra at 12?

im twelve and im d34 too. its hard but i can manage it so far. for now you need to ask a doctor, but for me its a little wierd...

Is black disciples apart of the blood gang?

Im just kill this beat till its finshed shot 16 times now im replenished #00 #kingliljay

How many weeks you can find out you pregnant?

I'm pregnant right now and im founding out at 16 weeks. So i'd have to say 16-20 weeks.