Sepoy Mutiny

Immediate causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?


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The Sepoy Rebellion, also called the Indian War of Independence, was started to rid the peoples of India of their British conquerors. Indian troops called sepoys worked for the English East India Company that ruled India on behalf of the British Empire. The British generally ignored Indian traditions of religion and caste, and the sepoys learned that their rifle cartridges were greased with the fat of cows (sacred to Hindus) and pigs (untouchable by Muslims). Eighty-five sepoys who refused to use the cartridges were convicted of mutiny, sentenced to prison, beaten and dishonored. The Sepoy Rebellion started in response to this treatment when other sepoys revolted on May 10, 1857. They freed the imprisoned sepoys along with hundreds of political prisoners, and the mob killed forty British officers and civilians. Other Indian regiments, along with Indian princes and their followers, then joined the mutiny in an attempt to restore their culture and rid themselves of British rule. The rebellion quickly spread throughout much of India.

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the immediate cuase of the rebellion was rumors that were spreading among the indian soldiers regarding the new catridges they had been issued

Opposition to the British rule of India.

The sepoy rebellion was caused by

The Sepoy did not even send immediate word to other British cantonments that a rebellion was in process.

In about four years after the rebellion they started to make Pickled Pickles.

The amount of pickles made was increased

There were several causes. There was difference in treatment between Indian and British soldiers. IMMEDIATE CAUSE: There was a rumor that the catriges of Enifed rifle contained cow & pig fat.

The Sepoy Mutiny in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China

In the Sepoy rebellion, Indians rebelled against the Great Britain, which had set up colonies in India.

The causes of the Sepoy rebellion were rumors were spread that the rifles were being greased with beef and pork fat. For Hindu soldiers, the cow is sacred. For Muslim soldiers, they can't touch pork. Also, Indian soldiers were required to fight in foreign lands. This angered the Hindu's because they would lose their caste if traveled overseas. The Sepoy Rebellion broke out in 1857. Indian revolt against British rule. British won.

the revolt of 1857 is known as sepoy rebellion as because sepoy (army men's) of british India started this revolt. one of them is mangal panday. this revolt is first revolt for independence

The cast of The Sepoy Rebellion - 1912 includes: James Morrison Wallace Reid as Extra

because there was a lot of tension

It lead to the installation of a viceroy

British insensevity to Indian customs

The rebellion ended with British troops crushing the rebellion with force. And placed india under british rule

In 1857,anger turned into the sepoy rebellion meny lives were lost before britain crushed the revol

Britain began to rule India as a colony.

They were both uprisings towards foreigners. They both failed to succeed

it led to Indian control over Iran and Afghanistan

The Sepoy Mutiny was a rebellion against the British in India, and the Boxer Rebellion was against Great Britain and ten other imperial nations in China. There are many differences, but both were prompted by a feeling of intrusion by foreign culture.

Dissatisfaction causes rebellion

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