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Biotechnology is one of the young courses in the education sphere. It is not very new as compared to other trades. However, it has made huge development in the very few spans of time. Biotechnology has been growing very rapidly and its development has covered almost every sector.

The importance and significance of biotechnology can be understood by the fact that its development has been associated with almost every field. The biodiversities are huge and thus the applications of technology to these biodiversities are also huge. The developments made in these sphere is basically for the benefit of mankind through these biodiversities.

Apart from that, one also requires to understand that the biological sphere we live in has to be tackled well. With the recent development of mankind, nature's activities and chains have been greatly affected. Thus, the role of biotechnology here becomes to find out the best possible technological measure that does not disturbs nature much and finally proves to be beneficial for the mankind.

There are various kinds of micro organisms and small particles which need to be studied, and can be beneficial to the mankind in various ways, such as they can help in manufacturing of some medicine, or their extractions can be used in as vaccines.

Not only this, biotechnology also includes study and disposal mechanisms of various wastes. The waste of any type is studied properly under Biotechnology and there after ways are found out to dispose it properly, so that it does not harm any biological diversity.

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Q: Importance of biotechnology
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