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Chief Justice John Roberts messed up the oath by saying " I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully" rather than the presribed contitutional line "I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.

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Where is Obamas oath location?

Washington d.c in the capital building

When is obamas oath ceremony?

The ceremony begins at 11:30 A.M. on Janurary 20th.

Where is Obamas inauguration in DC?

The Oath Ceremony will occur at the west steps of the U.S. Capitol.

What is important about the oath?

It is a oath that makes you the president

How do you make an invitation letter in an oathtaking ceremony?

One of the most important aspects of your invitation letter to your oath ceremony is the details. Create an invitation like any other invitation, but make sure you include the details about where, when and who.

Why is the tennis court oath important?

1. The Tennis Court Oath is an oath that the people took that they would not break up until a new constitution was formed. The Oath was important because it was the beginning of the French Revolution.

Why was the oath so important to the norman's?

because they take oath like a god

Do scientists take the hippocratic oath?

Yes. Check the related link for details.

What is nothing important details?

The phrase "nothing important details" does not quite make sense, but perhaps it is intended to mean, no important details. So perhaps I have told you all the details that matter, and I have left out no important details.

Where did Obamas mother come from?

obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =] obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =] obamas mother came from her mother which is obamas grandmother!! DuhHh!! who doesnt kno dat! =]

What is an important part of obamas life?

Wham he became president of the united states of America

Why is barack obamas election important?

Because he will be the first half-black American to hold Office.

Why is the hippocratic oath important?

The Hippocratic Oath was important because Doctors had to swear by the gods that they would treat patients right, by having the oath you only had Doctor's who wanted to help the sick and where not just in it for the money, also by having doctor swear by the oath it increased doctors to be professional and this made people regain there confidence in the Doctors. (:

What is a critical detail?

Critical details are the details that are most important in a text

What is a key event in Barack obamas life?

His election to the Presidency of the United States is probably the most important thing in his life.

What is one method for identifying supporting details?

identify the details that are least important

What was one important result of the Estate General?

one important result was the forming of the national assembly/tennis court oath

What is Obamas favorite football team?

I know Michelle's Broncos, I think obamas steelers most likely

What is the President's most important job?

take the oath to swear protect USA for the enemies

Why is it important to use lots of details in essays?

Its important to include lots of details in essays so that the reader can fully understand what is being talked about

Why do scientist publish the details if important experiments?

Scientists publish the details of important experiments so that people can recreate it and see the results for themselves.

When drawing conclusions what are text clues?

Text clues are important details in the book ect. It's also important details in the whole book

How old are Obamas kids?

malia ann is 10 (that is obamas oldest child) and, natasha a.k.a sasha is 7

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