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I begun in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

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Q: In 1857 there was a major rebellion against the british it began in which city?
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Where was old major buried?

Old Major was buried in the orchard, under the apple tree where he had given his speech to the other animals calling for rebellion against the humans.

Does Old Major Live Through the Revolution?

No, Old Major does not live to see the revolution. He passes away shortly after delivering his speech about the need for rebellion against the humans.

Means an act of inciting rebellion against a government?

It is called treason, a major crime and could face death for it.

What is the significance of the An Lushan Rebellion?

An Lushan rebellion was a major rebellion waged against Tang dynasty by General An Lushan in 755 AD. It continued for more than 7 years and resulted in loss of major western territories and weakened the Tang dynasty. A huge number of people lost their lives and by the time the rebellion was quashed, it had brought immense political and cultural change in China.

What was the major advantage for the american side in the revolutionary war?

the Americans were on ground that they knew and the British soldiers didn't. furthermore, the colonists didn't have to destroy the capitol of england and crush the spirit of a rebellion. the British did.

What is a slave rebellion?

A slave rebellion is when slaves organize an attack against their masters. They often spoke in coded messages or in their native languages to keep their masters unaware of their plan. The only successful major rebellion was in Haiti under the leadership of Toussant L'Overture, who was born into slavery and after the rebellion became the leader of Haiti.

General who defended new Orleans against the british in 1815?

Major General Andrew Jackson

A major federalist accomplishment was?

Asserting American rights aggressively against continuing British domination.

Who was Edward braddock-?

he was a British general that lead an expidition against the french at fort dunquesne

How did Britain's policy towards its American colonies change after the French and Indian War?

A) the british began to respect American culture B) the colonist began to question british authority C) the british began to treat Americans as equals D) the colonist became more dependent on Britain

Which of the following describes a major difference between the Taiping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion?

The Taiping Rebellion targeted the Qing dynasty, while the Boxer Rebellion supported it.

What describes a major result of the Whiskey Rebellion?

George Washington left office after his 2nd term.