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Q: In 1862 Congress passed the
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How many years after congress passed the pacific railroad act was the first transcontinental railroad finish?

1862 congress passed the pacific railway act

In 1862 legislation was pushed through Congress that authorized?

July 1862 The U.S. Congress passed the Militia Act, which authorized the president to use black troops in combat.African American to serve in the military

Was the Homestead Act passed in 1862?

yes, it was passed may 20th, 1862.

When did African Americans allowed to join the union army?

In 1862, Congress passed a law to allow African Americans to join the Union Army.

What was passed in the summer of 1862 where congress introduced a militia law that required states to draft people for military services called?

The Legal Tender Act

How did congress make the situation of the Dakota Sioux worse 1862?

Congress made things worse for the Dakota Sioux in 1862 by delaying annutites.

In 1862 congress passed a law allowing any us citizen to claim 160 acres in the west what was this act called?

The homestead act!

In 1862 congress introduced what militia law?

In 1862, Congress introduced a militia law that required states to use conscription, which is the drafting of people for military services.

When was the Homestead Act act passed?

It was in 1862

How old was someone that was born in 1850 and died in 1862?

If he passed away before his birthday in 1862, then he was 11. If it was after his birthday in 1862, then he was 12.

Name the acts passed in 1862?

one was pendleton

What was a law not passed by congress?

None. This is because to be a "law" it MUST have been passed by congress.,