In 1983 who gives the definition of virus?

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Fred Cohen
Fred Cohen defined the term " computer virus" in 1983 .
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What is the definition of virus?

A specific pattern of virus code \n. According to, a virus is" a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer; "a true virus cannot spread to another computer without human assistance""

Does imvu give your computer a virus?

IMVU itself does not deliver malware. Sending infected files via this medium may, and IMVU may open new vulnerabilities that allow the insertion of malware, but IMVU itself is not the problem. Other Comments: Some people have reported getting viruses from IMVU. Having a good anti-virus program ins ( Full Answer )

Does kaspersky give you a virus?

No, it doesn't unless you were trying to crack using a program which was downloaded from and internet and infected by hackers.

Does cheat engine give you a virus?

It really depends on what you use it with. If you use it on a browser [eg. Mozilla Firefox] and you are on a website that is not trusted then it is a possibility.

Definition of computer virus?

A computer program that is designed to replicate itself by copying itself into the other programs stored in a computer. It may be benign or have a negative effect, such as causing a program to operate incorrectly or corrupting a computer's memory. .

What is the definition of computer virus and anty virus?

A virus is malicious code that the has the ability to replicate, execute and send to other user through a host. The host is the infected computer. Virus usually alter, change or delete files. Antivirus is software that finds, removes, cleans or denies access to a virus or the infected file. Antiviru ( Full Answer )

Does wizard 101 give a virus?

Not in my case.. For example, I've been playing Wizard101 in the same computer for about 4 years now, and my computer has always been free of malware/worms. However, things like wizard101 open a port through your firewall which in such, hackers could (COULD*****) 'hack' you.

Does Hamichi give you a virus?

Do you mean Hamachi? It's a tool to share network between friends, most commonly used for lan games like Warcraft3, Cs etc. It doesn't give you virus if you download it from the right page. download it from there and it will work fine. //William

Does Moshi Monsters give you a virus?

It probably doesn't since Moshi Monsters is played by more than 30 million people world wide, so people would easily find out if you do get a virus. In addition: It is very unlikely that you would get a virus from playing the Moshi Monsters game since you play the game on the web site.

Can S4 league give you a virus?

Apparently this can happen with MMORPG games. They really have files that send information over the internet, which is a part of their normal behavior and is not meant to harm you in any way. But antiviruses detect them nevertheless.

What does a virus definition file contain?

Virus definition files contain information that allows an antivirus program to recognize files which contain a virus. Many simpler viruses can be detected by so-called "scan strings", which are essentially pieces of code found almost exclusively in a particular virus. Today, heuristic technology, wh ( Full Answer )

Does webscom give your computer a virus?

Alot of people have thought this will give you a virus. Indeed it now shouldnt. The old domain had issues. Now it shouldnt give viruses.

Can pivot 3 give you a virus?

that depends if you download it from a file sharing site like rapidshare or a site that many people dont recomend they yes but if you download it from a safe site then no

Will megaupload give you a virus?

Megaupload is a website in which you can download almost anything anyone uploads for you to download. That being said, if the user wishes to upload a file with a Trojan virus or other malicious software, then yes the file will contain a virus. You can always run a virus scan of the file before downl ( Full Answer )

Does girlsense give a virus?

Actually it does. I have a virus protection thing installed to my computer and it wont let me get on girlsense any more because it says girlsense has the Trojan virus. ^that really sucks. :/ i do online school and I've noticed that my classes are harder to get on after i go on girlsense, and i ( Full Answer )

Will fps creator give you a virus?

I don't know. If it does you can take a photo of it and paste it in paint and send it to fps and have them look at it

Will LimeWire give your iPhone a virus?

Only if you had it plugged in and you downladed a file that contained a virus, and it somehow managed to get in. But if that happens, just use something like malwarebytes antimalware, and scan the drive you plugged it in at. This will remove any virus you have picked up.

Does diablo gives your computer a virus?

There are 6 computers/lap tops in my house and all but 1 have Diablo II on them and none of them who have D2 (Diablo II) on them have a virus. So, I'd have to say: No.

Does tinychat give a virus?

Yeah, it has so many viruses, so at the end of the day I think we have to dance together ;)

Does godzhell give a virus?

I did the research and the "RSPS" indeed has a Trojan Horse virus.its just well hidden. i recommend steering away from that specificrsps

Will playlistcom give your computer a virus?

Definitely! My computer crashed so I took it to get fixed. The guy that fixed it said playlist is bad I had asked him because I had a hunch it was. So I told my son not to use it. He argued with me and said it was OK. Well my computer proceeded to crash 3 more times in 2 months. The last time it did ( Full Answer )

Does Petpet Park give you a virus?

No, don't worry, it doesn't! I have done it loads of times, and no viruses came up, though i have heard rumers about viruses. dont worry though, neopets would NEVER make a virus!

What games give you a virus?

all games can give viruses because some nasty people put theam in games so if u se a advert with a game on it dont click just carry onn :)

Can kongregate give you a virus?

Judging by personal experiance: No. I've been playing on it for a good few years and have never had a problem.

Will Virtual Families give a virus?

well you have to be careful about that I don't think so have the game on my Ipod and my computer for me its virus free but be careful and some websites thought.

Does tvduck give you virus?

It gave me one. The Antivirus Scan Virus. It was really freaking annoying to get rid of. All in all I would avoid that website.

Can luckywire give your computer a virus?

well you see the thing is nothing of the computers is perfect when it come to downloading so it is a possibility you'll get a virus but i used it but it isn't that dangerous cos i used it for a while and did some checks and it didn't come up with any viruses so it's fine i guess but. the thng is it ( Full Answer )

What will give you a virus?

It could be a file that someone sent you, a download, or a website. check your email to see if they are a virus

Will Free give you a virus?

Yes 100% you will get a virus I played for a few days and I got a virus My computer wifi is ruined but we did get it fixed.

Will give you a virus?

The domain is owned by Adobe, the makers of the Photoshop progam. It's rather unlikely, though not strictly speaking impossible, that you could get a virus from there. If you've gotten a "" file from somewhere, I would be extremely suspicious of it, and wouldn't at all ( Full Answer )

Does give you a virus?

Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site. It is located in the USA. Please see the link below: ^ Na thats wrong. Cheatcc downloads malware in to your computer which wont be detected even by norton until you open a browser and you're automatically redirected to something called ( Full Answer )

Does guffins give you a virus?

Guffins gives you a virus from the time you download and shut down your laptop or computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD Guffins, no matter how fun it is!

Does tori bash give you a virus?

Me and my friend reckon that it is a rat, although it probably isn't he reformatted just in case i really don't think it has one but who knows..

Can virtual families give you a virus?

You have to be careful when online, because almost any site can give you a virus if you don't have the right protection. Some sites might get attacked by a virus without knowing it, and then the virus spreads to whoever visits the site, but most sites have virus protection.

Will Minecraft give you a computer virus?

"If you play Minecraft on "In Browser" mode on or ifyou Download from you will not get a virus! If youPlay/Download the game from anywhere else there is a 99.9% chanceyou WILL get a virus and a 0.1% chance you won't get a virus!

Does Club Penguin gives virus?

OMG! Why would Club Penguin give viruses? Man CP is the best! Nothing has a virus at all! Believe me EvilTomboy99! I will give you answers that r true 4 everything! But there are honestly no viruses. Would I be typing this right now??

Does give you a virus?

Actually, this game doesn't infect your computer. However, it is an open port that can give you a virus. Some advertisements contain malware. And being that you have installed and allowed the application 'RobloxApp.exe', the malware, spyware, or virus will attach to your computer. If you're talking ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent roblox from giving you a virus?

ROBLOX won't give you a virus when you download it, anyone or anythign that says it does is wrong. ROBLOX has been downloaded for at least 2 years on my computer and nothing bad happend.

Can Minecraft give you a virus?

If you download it from anywhere but the minecraft website, it may be one. However, minecraft itself is not a virus; it's a game.

What is the best definition for the word virus?

A microscopic animal whose presence causes illness in people and animals. A program designed to infect a computer and cause it to malfunction. A corrupting influence on morals or the intellect