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It would depend upon whether or not the court ruled the couple were still legally married and that the husband's departure did not constitute spousal abandonment. If the matter ended up in court and was contested by other family members or an "interested party" it would likely result in lengthy and expensive litigation.

2006-09-01 22:34:15
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What do you get if your husband willingly leaves the marital home?

What you receive depends on the state in which you live. You could be entitled to everything or you could be entitled to half of all marriage assets.

How do use entitled in a sentence?

I am entitled to half the marital assets.

Is your spouse entitled to your 401k after the divorce?

They are entitled to half of your 401k assets.

If your spouse is incarcerated are you entitled to all his assets?

You are entitled to their assets if you are married, because they are your assets as well. Certain things that require joint filing like bankruptcy cannot happen while they are in prison.

Couple moved from California to kansas Husband is disabled vet spouse not working can husband be forced to pay wifes bills?

The assets of a husband and wife are considered to be merged. He is responsible for his spouse's debts.

What if your husband is having an affair and is hiding all his assets?

It would be wise to get a lawyer before your husband manages to hide most of his assets.

In Texas when a woman dies and has a daughter from a previous marriage what are the daughter and second husband entitled to?

If there is a will, that will determine the distribution of assets. If there is no will, the current husband will get his share of the community property and the daughter will get the other half. Consult a probate attorney licensed in Texas for more specifics.

What happens with your debt if you die and have no relatives?

Your creditors are entitled to be paid from any assets you have at the time of your death. Generally, if you have no assets they are out of luck.

What are the executor fees in Oregon?

The Executor is entitled to 7% of the first $1000 in probate assets. Then that goes down to 2% for all probate assets over $50,000. The Executor is also entitled to 1% of all the non-probate assets. Although, as always, there can be variants to that based on the circumstances.

What is a stay at home mom entitled to in a divorce?

An equitable division of the assets and debts. Depending on the circumstances, she may be entitled to child support and/or alimony.

What are you entitled to in a divorce after only a year and a half of marriage?

During a divorce you are entitled to half of all assets that were acquired during the marriage. You are not entitled to anything that was owned before the marriage took place.

What is the sole beneficiary of a will entitled too?

The sole beneficiary is entitled to any assets remaining after the estate has been probated and the debts of the estate have been paid.

What are the laws for distributing assets between husband and wife if they have a divorce in California?

Unless it is agreed upon beforehand, all property acquired during a marriage in California is considered community property. This means that it is split evenly upon a divorce.

When a wife receives an inheritance is the husband entitled to half?

No. In the Western world women are allowed to own and possess their own property free of their husband's interference while she is living or they are married. Upon her death or their divorce, there may be a division of assets.

Do you have to leave assets to you husband in a will?

Usually unless an item is specifically left to someone else in a will, all of the assets will transfer to the spouse.

How are financial assets split between husband and wife in a divorce in Virginia?

The courts determine how financial assets are split between husband and wife. For the most part, each part gets half.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for a deceased spouse's credit card bill if you are not named on the account in California?

Maybe, California is a community property state which means that all assets and debts are joint between spouses regardless of who obtained the assets or incurred the debts. Whether a company chooses to pursue payment of debt accrued under such conditions depends solely upon the creditor.

What are you entitled to when your spouse dies?

AnswerIf there is a will, then you are entitled to what it provides. With no will, the laws of your particular state will govern the dividing of the assets, with the surviving spouse being entitled to some percentage, but frequently not all.If not married and live for 5 years and my spouse written and sign by his own on his Will and give it to me, am i still entitled to this Will or not.

In NC can the husband get half of wife's assets in a divorce?

NC is not a community property state. Assets would be divided in an equitable manner.

If you legally buy your husband out of your mortgage and change your will can he still be entitled to claim anything before your divorce?

This depends what other assets you may have.Added: You say that you bought him out of the mortgage - but you don't mention anything about how the property is TITLED or DEEDED. If you die while he is still married to you and is still on the title and/or deed, he may be entitled to the property depending on how it is titled in your state.

Can a executer take assets of the decedents estate?

The executor is required to execute the terms of the Will. If the Will leaves the assets to the executor, then yes. If not, then no. Exception: executors are entitled to reasonable compensation unless the Will prohibits it.

Is it possible for your husband's ex to come after your incoome for child support and is she entitled to assets from selling your house?

Yes, it is. You have joint assets and if he has not kept current on his payments, the next thing is to attach what you do have.

Is my spouse entitled to inheritance I received from my parents in California?

Most assets acquired during a marriage in California are considered shared property between you and your spouse, but inheritance is an exception. If you receive inheritance while you are married, your spouse does not have any right to that money as long as you keep it separate from your spouse and your shared property.

Does husband have rights to assets in wife's name?

That depends on the state, the property, how and when it was acquired.

If your husband goes bankrupt is the wife responsible for the debt even if her name is not on the account in California?

No she is also protected under bk code after discharge... I would look for a limited family partnership to protect assets.