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In California what will happen if you can not pay for your impounded car?


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September 02, 2013 2:57PM

Any vehicle impounded that is not redeemed pursuant to

subdivision (d) and is subsequently forfeited pursuant to this

section shall be sold once an order of forfeiture is issued by the

district attorney of the county of the impounding agency or a court,

as the case may be, pursuant to subdivision (e).

If the legal owner or agent of the owner does not notify the

agency impounding the vehicle of its intent to conduct the sale as

provided in subdivision (g), the agency shall offer the forfeited

vehicle for sale at public auction within 60 days of receiving title

to the vehicle. Low value vehicles shall be disposed of pursuant to

subdivision (k).

That is straight from the California Vehicle Code Section 14607.6. It states that after 60 days if the vehicle is not redeemed, the State can file for ownership of the vehicle, and either auction it off or scrap it completely. You can avoid this by putting in a claim of your inability to pay for the vehicles release, and will be given more time.