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Paton Yewbeam & Julia Ingledew

Emma & Tancred start dating at the end of book eight

Lysander has a girlfriend named Lauren

Charlie likes Matilda from Badlock

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Yes and No. Charlie Bone and Olivia Vertigo don't fall in love in the book. But, Jenny Nimmo has stated that they fall in love after the series is over. Charlie has always had a crush on Olivia. They eventually marry much later and have children.

In the 8th book it's implied he likes Matilda from Badlock but she doesn't come back with him

yes he does. It is not proven that Olivia has feeligs for charlie too until after the series. Jenny Nimmo said that they do fall in love. Just like Harry and Ginny. Just like Percy and Annabeth.

There are dating websites. People do not fall in love on website, but they fall in love on discovering the type of person they are in love with.

aphrodite made people fall in love by using her magical girdle. This made mortals and gods fall in love with her.

no aphrodite did not have a belt to make people fall in love with her

Everyone can fall in love, and models are people too.

Considering that blind people can fall in love and that prosopagnosia is a facial recognition disorder, it seems likely that one with such a disorder could fall in love.

No, of course not. Paton loves Mrs. ingeledew but that's all.

Of course you can ! People of all ages fall in love !

According to studies, 30,000 people fall in love every day

People fall in love because of a chemical response. Sometimes they have similar personalities or hobbies. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason.

Yes you can fall in love before 13. You can fall in love with MANY people before 13! Hope this helped! :-)

I don't think a person's ethnicity affects their ability to fall in love. people fall in love with people. good luck

Aphrodite's powers are making other people fall in love and the beauty of the power she can make people fall in love with the people they hate.

She makes people fall in love

well yeah we all have the capacity to fall in love but some people wait until later in life to fall in love.

Tagalog Translation of WHAT IS LOVE AND WHY PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE: Ano ang pag-ibig at bakit ang mga tao ay umiibig?

This process known as love is occured by people having feelings and fall in love.

Cupid, used his arrows to make people fall in love. Eros is his Greek counterpart.

if you love someone you are like the kindest person on the world.People don't "have" to fall in love. Love is very complex and complicated. People normally choose to fall in love. I think its wise to live a normal, if possible teenage and adolescent age out of love. Then, when the time comes when you are an adult to fall in love with the right person and later get married but maybe that's just the way I'm raised.

most people do fall in love in their lives. but some people hate the world(like emos) and think that love is pointless. to some people love comes early but sometimes you need to wait to fall in love. if you go and look for love it is not likely you will find it. if you wait love will come when you least expect it.

no! some people do fall in love! (EW!)

Cupids used a magical ring to make people fall in love in the show Charmed.

The Roman-Archer god who caused people to fall in love is known as... Cupid

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