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== == File a request with the probate court to obtain a copy of the will and any other pertinent documents that have been presented to the court. POAs become null and void upon the death of the grantor.

2008-08-27 17:26:57
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Do executors have the right to know will before death of person?

An executor has to have the will in order to be able to execute it, and if you don't give the executor a copy of your will while you are still alive, you certainly are not going to be able to give him a copy after you are dead, at least, not unless you have a preliminary executor whose function is to give the will to the actual executor - which is really a needless complication.

Is an executor responsible to an inheritor to fincancil records of the deceased?

The executor is responsible to the court. Anyone with an interest in the case can present his concerns to the probate judge. The executor does not owe anyone anything. No one can tell the executor to do anything. If the probate judge instructs the executor to give you a copy of the report, you will get a copy of the report. If you do not present your concerns to the probate court, you are Sadly Out of Luck.

Can siblings see a will if only one is executor?

The executor should give the other heirs a copy of the Will upon request. The executor has no actual authority until they have been appointed by the court. Once the Will has been submitted to the probate court it becomes a public record and anyone can obtain a copy from the court.

Your employer refuses to give you a 1099 what should you do?

You should be able to obtain a copy from the Internal Revenue Service.

How do you relinquish rights as an executor?

In most states, the named executor may give up the right to be executor by signing what is called a "Renunciation" of the right to serve. A formal document like that is preferrable, however in some instances there may be a problematic executor who just refuses to do anything, even sign the renunciation. In that situation some states might accept a letter or require the alternate executor to give the named executor some notice that he or she is applying to be appoiinted. Depending on the procedure used in that particular state probate court, the alternate will be appointed when the named executor fails to reply.

Does the executor work for the beneficiary?

No, the executor works for the estate. The estate will pay the executor a reasonable fee. The beneficiary has limited direction that they can give the executor.

How done one get a copy of power of attorney when executorl wont give you one?

A POA is extinguished when the principal has died. The executor must present the Will to the probate court and request appointment as the executor. They have no authority until they have been appointed by the court.

How do you obtain a copy of your daughter's high school diploma if your ex-wife refuses to give you a copy of it in order to cease child support?

if you know what school your daughter went to at the time then you take your divorce papers to the school and get a copy tell them about your x or ask your daughter for one but the school has to give you a copy because you are the father

What happens if a landlord doesn't give you a copy of the rental contract?

not much. it is more ethics. If he still refuses, go to small claims court.

How can an adult child get a copy of their deceased parents' living trust when a brother who is the trustee refuses to supply one?

Contact the Attorney or whomever Legally drew up the Trust. * The attorney will not give out such information. If the trustee refuses to supply the beneficiaries with a copy of the trust or the information that is sought, the interested party will need to petition the probate court for a copy of the document.

How can you obtain bank records as executor of estate?

An executor must be appointed by the probate court. The court will issue "Letters Testamentary" and those letters give the executor the legal authority to access the decedent's assets. You will need to provide the bank with a copy of your Letters Testamentary in order to collect the balances and close the accounts.

How can I get a copy of my mother's will?

Ask the Executor for a copy. Added: If your mother has not yet died, neither you, nor anyone, is legally entitled to a copy of it, unless she wants to give you one. If your Mom is deceased, see Answer #1, OR- go to court and ask to see a copy of the probate file concerning her estate.

Neighbor recently passed away and her brother wants to give me her car I have the title and need to register it in North Carolina What do I need to do to get the title signed over?

get in touch with your neighbors brother and find out who the executor of estate was/is for his sister. That person can sign the title over to you and give you a copy that shows they are the executor of estate for her.

Can a executor refuse to give a copy of probate and the will to the beneficiaries?

The Will must be filed in probate. Once filed it becomes a public record. Any person can visit the court and request the file which contains all the documents filed by the executor and the court. Some probate courts have a public copy machine. Otherwise, copies can be ordered from the clerk for a fee.

Can you give a sentence for the word executor?

The executor had no idea how much work was required in settling an estate.

Does the executor have to show the will to the heirs?

An executor is required to give notice to the beneficiaries and also to the people who would have been heirs if there had been no will. State laws specify the time within which the notice has to be given. In NJ it is 60 days after probate. Generally, once a will has been filed for probate it becomes a public record and a copy may be obtained at the court where the will was filed. The executor should make copies of the will available to the beneficiaries. If they don't anyone can obtain a copy from the court.

Is the executor entitled to the whole estate?

That depends on the wording of the will. Being executor does not automatically give you a right to the estate.

Are Letters Testamentary the same as a Grant of Probate?

Yes. Both give the executor the legal authority to settle the estate according to the provisions in the will.Yes. Both give the executor the legal authority to settle the estate according to the provisions in the will.Yes. Both give the executor the legal authority to settle the estate according to the provisions in the will.Yes. Both give the executor the legal authority to settle the estate according to the provisions in the will.

how can a broker charge you 50.00 for a credit report and refuses to give you a copy, because it is only for the broker?

It's illegal for anybody to acquire a copy of your credit report and not provide you a copy of the report, especially if you've paid for it. It's a federal law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act. They may refer you to the company that provided the broker the copy so you can receive your copy, but you are entitled to a copy by federal law.

What do I do if the executor of my father's estate will not give me any accounting information?

Complain to the court immediately. The court can compel the Executor to file an accounting or replace the Executor if they will not perform their duties with expediency.

Does the executor have to give a final accounting of the estate?

Yes. The executor must account for all the property that came into their possession and where it all went.

What does Simon do when jack refuses to give piggy meat?

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Do I still owe if a creditor refuses to give you payment address?

If a creditor refuses to give you payment address, you still owe them money. This might be frustrating but does not get you off the hook.

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i want a copy....please give mea copy

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