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You must be 18 in order to leave home without parental consent unless you have been emancipated in some manner. Being pregnant/giving birth does *not* emancipate a minor. If you go to the doctor, get a note saying you are pregnant with the doc's signature you can get married, and that will emancipate you.

***NOTE*** You can no longer move out, and/or get married just because you are pregnant. The was a case of a 40-something year old women and a 15 year old male getting pregnant and getting married, after that Georgia revoked this law.

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2009-08-07 00:02:09
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Q: In Georgia if you are pregnant how old do you have to be to move out?
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Can a 17 year old move out without being pregnant legally in Georgia?

no idia

Can a sixteen year old move in with her boyfriend without parent's consent if she is pregnant in the state of Georgia?

No. not until she is 18.

Can a 17-year-old female in Georgia move out of her parents' home without their consent?

Yes, you can move out at the age of 17 in Georgia. That other guy has no idea what he is talking about. You can legally move out at 17 and can get approved emancipation at the age of 15 or 16 (not sure which) if you are pregnant.

Can a 14 year old who is pregnant move out in the state of Georgia?

Of course not! A 14 year old has no skills to take care of themselves. They are the responsibility of their parents until the age of 18.

Can a pregnant 16 year old in Georgia move out of the house?

If her parents give permission. She is still a minor and under their care. Otherwise she must be 18.

Can you legally move out at 17 if you are pregnant in the state of Georgia?

In Georgia, you can leave home at age 17 and cannot be forced to return, whether you are pregnant or not (but you can't be kicked out until age 18).

How old do you have to be to move out if you are pregnant in Indiana?

You have to be at least 18. The fact you are pregnant does not change that.

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What are the rights of a 17 year old in Georgia?

can a 17 year old move out on their own can a 17 year old move out on their own

Can a 16 year old be arrested for getting a 14 year old pregnant in Georgia?


In the state of Georgia can a 17 year old move out on their own?

its up to the parents in the state of georgia.

If you are pregnant and get married at 16 can you move in with your husband with out parents permission in Georgia?

if i am prenant and et married at sixteen to the babys father could i move in with him with out my paents permission in the state off Georgia?

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