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You have to fly really, really high up, to get through the red hoop, in order to be able to parachute out.

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How does a helicopter explode in Grand Theft Auto 3?

by shooting it too much or by a rocket blast

Where can you blast off on a Mission to Mars?

Mission: SPACE

How do you blast cars in gta San Andreas cheat?

you aim at the gas tank and shoot it

What are the release dates for Mission Impossible - 1966 Blast 5-18?

Mission Impossible - 1966 Blast 5-18 was released on: USA: 30 January 1971

Is there anyway to teach blast burn to a non starter Pokemon?

that is mission impossible. no non starters can teach blast burn:(

How can you get a dirty blast on RuneScape?

You have to make a type of cocktail at Grand Tree. You have to make the one with "Blast" in its name. Once that's done you have to use ashes on it. You will then have a dirty blast thanks for reading my answer.

In dragon ball raging blast how do you unlock the stars in the star shop?

after you beat a mission you go back to one you beat and hit mission and it will show you how to get 3 stars on that mission there are three stars per mission.

How do you earn stars in db raging blast?

DB ball no you go back to a cleared level and select mission and pass the condition of the mission.. one mission gets you one star

How do you earn stars on Dragon Ball raging blast?

All you have to do is go to a mission you completed,look for "mission" at the bottom,click on "mission",look at the missions,and if it shows something you can do,play the battle and get the stars.

In dragon ball raging blast how do you unlock stars in the star shop?

after you beat a mission in story mode go back to that mission and a fourth option called mission is on there it tells you how to get three stars. there are three stars per mission.

What is first saga mission in dragonball raging blast?

krillin and goku vs raditz want to know the next mission tune in next week to find out

How do you unlock tarble in db raging blast 2?

Beat Vegeta's boss mission in galaxy mode.

What is the cheat to blast cars everything in san Andreas?

R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1

How do you collect the Dragon Balls for Shenron in Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast?

In Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2, you have to win a Boss Mission in Galaxy Mode, in RB 1 must be something alike

How do you get stars in Dragon Ball Z raging blast?

After you beat a mission in Dragon Ball Collection when you go back to that mission it will show a list of things you have to do. Once you complete one you get a star there will be 3 for you to complete.

How can you get a fruit blast?

Buy it from the gnome stronghold or just buy at grand exchange for the highest price and wait a day for it to come in!!

How do you unlock trunks with a sword in dragon ball raging blast?

Defeat the mission "Hey! Been a While..., Goku's Return, and The Mysterious Boy"

What powered the Mars rover mission?

A lot of space crafts and space shuttles get their power from an immense amount of pressure from gas which causes them to blast off.

Which astronaut was on the that was aborted due to emergency?

The Apollo13 moon mission was aborted due to a blast. the astronauts were Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise.

Where is the steam geyser on mission 6 club penguin elite penguin force?

it's beneath the big boulder which you can move with blast, the red puffle

What is a sentence using the word blast?

We had a blast! The rocket is about to blast off.

What are the curse words in welcome to San Andreas?

welcome to san andreas im CJ from grove street land of the haters gangbangers and cold heat in the santo neighbours get no sleep beefing with anybody competing even po lice foe deep in a green rag with gold feet blast with the flag on a strap thats OG.

What is a medical term ending in -blast?

Osteoblast is a medical word ending in blast.

Airplanes cheats for grand theft auto vice city on PSP?

Dude'z! Have no cheat for helicopters,& we can't take aero planes in vice city..and one thing vice city have a military helicopter in military campus that near in airport(back side)..that helicopter look like airplane & it have unlimited rocket bombs,and guns....TIME TO BLAST...LET'Z GO

What is the better dbz raging blast or dbz raging blast 2?

raging blast 2