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In Indiana Jones what is the main things hes looking for?


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Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Ark of the Covanent Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: The Sankara Stones Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Holy Grail Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Crystal Skull

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Henry Jones Junior, A.K.A. Indiana Jones, the main character.

His main weapon is "the whip"

The main character (Indiana Jones) is played by Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones was created by George Lucas.

This is quite humerous. Although his real name is Henry Jones JR.,it was revealed in the third movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, that he calls himself Indiana after a dog. Indiana had fond memories with it and thus took on Indiana. Indiana Jones' real name is Henry Jones Jr., named after his father, who simply referred to him as "Junior". At a young age, he gave himself the nickname "Indiana" after the name of a favorite family dog. This is explained at the end of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". That movie starts with a flashback showing the main character as a teenager, where he is already using the nickname "Indiana". That flashback includes a scene in Indy's boyhood home where we glimpse a dog, which is likely his namesake.

usually a whip, never a gun. and sometimes a small Asian boy to help him get out of tight spots Indiana Jones' three main props or tools are his Fedora hat, a bullwhip, and a revolver.

These are all the main characters and who they were played by in the first three movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones- Harrison Ford Marion Ravenwood- Karen Allen Rene Belloq- Paul Freeman Sallah- John-Rhys Davis Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones-Harrison Ford Short Round- Jonathan Ke Quan Willie Scott- Kate Capshaw Mola Ram- Amrish Puri Chattar Lal- Roshan Seth Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones- Harrison Ford Henry Jones- Sean Connery Colonel Vogel- Michael Byrne Elsa Schneider-Allison Doody Walter Donovan- Julien Glover

There is a fifth installment in development, but there is no official release date, and Harrison Ford won't be the main character.

The main are star wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, agents, atlantis, city, mars mission and sponge bob

Word says it will be out in 2011. I most likely won't watch it because they say Shia will be the main charactor, and not Indy. But I hope it is good! (It will probably be called, Indiana Jones and the Staff Of Kings. But that is just word. It better be better than number 4. Aliens. Hmmph.)

What are some major biomes of indiana

The address of the Jones Library is: 111 E. Main, Jones, 73049 0425

Well they say the main character will involve more of Shia Le Beouf. Harrison Ford will just sort of be like Sean Connery in the 3rd one

Throughout the state. The majority of Indiana is farm land.

The main things would be Safety and Warmth. If they have young then they are also going to look for a place that is well hidden.

Happiness. == == One of the main things is confidence!!! A few other things: looking presentable, flirting, smile...ect.

you can go to google for the answer

Written by John Williams, it's real name is "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (Main Theme). It's genre might be called "American film score".

The main campus for Indiana University is in Bloomington, IN.PLZ note:There is also an Indiana University located in Indiana, Pennsylvania that's part of Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (now known as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) is the first film in what has become the Indiana Jones series of fantasy-adventure films produced by Stephen Spielberg. This film is based around a race between the main character, an archeologist named Indiana Jones, and a band of German Nazis to find the 'Ark of the Covenant', an artifact that Hitler believes will make him invincible. The search for this artifact leads both Jones and the Nazis deep into Nepal and Cairo where they are constantly trying to better the other. In the end, Indiana's prowess and knowledge win out and he is able to bring the Ark back to the CIA.

If your looking for the two main things then they are 1) What materials are in contact 2)How much are the surfaces are pressed together

A capital can refer to a few things. It is generally used to name the main or biggest city in a state or country. An example of the capital of Indiana, is Indianapolis.

Danny Jones is in a band called McFly and is the main/lead guitarist.

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