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Child custody and child support laws do vary from state to state, so please confirm the details of the law in your state by contacting a local court or attorney. One thing that is fairly consistent from state to state: a parent's financial responsibility for a child is separate from the right to visitation or custody and separate from the issue of the child's name. A non-custodial parent is not excused from the responsibility to support the child. A child's name is assigned at birth on the birth certificate. If the father is not present the mother can give the last name of the father on her own (or another) last name. The name has no bearing on either child support or custody. Simplest way to detemine obligation is, if there is a valid court order of support the non custodial parent is obligated to adhere to the terms of the support regardless of the circumstances involved. The non custodial parent has the option of filing a petition to have the order rescinded or amended, and requesting a paternity test if the parentage of the child is in question.

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Q: In Indiana if you are not allowed visitation and the child does not have your last name do you still have to pay child support?
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Can you stop visitation in the state of Indiana for failure to pay child support?

I doubt it - support and visitation are different matters.

What can be changed after a California divorce is final?

Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.

If my ex-spouse hasn't issued child support to me and is getting married soon how do I file to pay child support so I can see my child?

I live in Indiana. In our state. Child support does not pay for visitation. These are 2 separate issues all together. If you have an order or divorce decree with scheduled visitation, and she's not allowing you to see the child, then you need to take her back to court. If no visitation has been ordered, then you need to petition the court for visitation rights.

Can your child support be reduced if you have visitation rights?

child support and visitation rights are two totally different things. The answer is no.

What age can a child opt out of visitation in Indiana?


What to do when you pay child support but you have no visitation?

they are completely separate just because you pay child support has nothing to do with visitation, sorry

Do fathers who pay child support have visitation rights in Mississippi?

Child support and visitation rights are two separate things. You don't get visitation automatically just because you pay child support. You have to petition for it in court.

Does the father have a right to see his child if he pays csa?

Child support and visitation are two separate issues. The father has the right to request a visitation schedule with his child. Visitation is not dependent on paying child support.

What if you give up visitation rights at your chid support hearing?

Child support and visitation are separate issues and giving up visitation does not cancel the responsibility to pay child support. A request to reestablish visitation can be filed even after previously waiving visitation.

If the father is paying child support does that mean he has visitation rights?

Support and Visitation are separate matters that are addressed separately by the court. However, if you were a participant in a child support case you should have requested a visitation order at the same time. No one is going to do that for you. If you want a visitation schedule with your child then return to the court that issued the child support order and request visitation.

If the father has visitation rights and has not seen the child can you get full custody and receive child support?

How does he have any visitation rights with a custody and child support order?

What rights does a biological father have in Indiana?

Once paternity has been established: 1) pay child support; 2) have reasonable visitation

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