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In J.M.Synges play "Riders to the Sea"

The Bride Dara is mentioned by Maurya the mother of Bartley and Michael. The Bride Dara must like Maurya had a vision of loved ones who where dead.

You can find the whole script of the play on

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"Bride" is an archaic form of the name "Brigid," one of the great pagan Goddesses of Ireland. Brigid was later "Christianized" and turned into one of the Catholic saints, who founded a double monastary and convent in Cill-Dara. "Bride Dara" is therefore a sort of shorthand way of saying "Brigid of Dara."

Many of the myths surrounding the Goddess Brigid were tacked on to the saint by the common Irish people. One of these stories is of the death of Brigid's son. The story says that she invented keening while mourning the death of her son on the battlefield. This is the origin of Maura's allusion.

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