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It represents strength,endurance and resilience

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Q: In Japanese symbolism what does bamboo represent?
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In Chinese symbolism what does bamboo represent?

one of the symbols for the 4 seasons

What does a sparrow represent in Japanese art?

In Japanese art and culture, the sparrow is typically used to represent happiness. It is often paired with bamboo, which symbolizes resilience.

In Japanese symbolism what do Japanese maples represent?

Akito is the name for maples in japanese. This means the god or master, calm, and at peace or rest. It represents the calmness and peace of the elements and world.

Is bamboo a Japanese thing?

Bamboo is not just a Japanese thing. There are many reasons that ethniticies use bamboo. Japanese and other Asian people are just more likely to use it for reasons in their culture.

Did the Japanese insert bamboo into the arms of POW's?

The Japanese did insert bamboo into the arms of the POWs and they would also jam sharp bamboo sticks under their fingernails.

How do you say bamboo in Japanese?


What is the word for bamboo in Japanese?

"Take (竹)" is for bamboo. "Takenoko (竹の子)" is for a bamboo shoot.

What is symbolism in a story?

Symbolism is using an element in a story that is used to represent an abstract idea or concept. One example is using water to represent emotions.

What is the definition of symbolism in theater?

Symbolism is when something represents something. For example a candle could represent hope or a dove could represent peace etc.

What is the phrase 'bamboo' when translated from English to Japanese?

bamboo is a word and a plant but not a phrase "take"

Is bamboo Japanese?

竹 Read: "Take"

What is the use of symbols or symbolism to represent ideas in writing?

Symbolism lets us expand language to create imagery or use to represent something by using objects or animals.

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