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The "answer" is sent to both parties, and always send the response by certified mail with receipt requested.

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The civil suit summons that was in your door did not have a signature of the clerk or deputy clerk on it or and official state court seal is this legit?

No it is not legit. the seal lets you know that it is real and that it comes from the court

Are you required to appear in court to answer a civil summons in NC?

You are required to appear in court to answer a civil summons. If you do not show up, the court may automatically find in favor of the other party.

How long is the notice period for a court summons?

This varies from state to state. The summons should tell you the amount of time you have to answer. If it does not say, contact the court clerk or an attorney in your area.

I came home today to court summons taped to my door for daughter who does not live here for credit card debt I do not know her address what should I do?

Contact the office of the clerk of the court that issued the civil summons immediately for instructions on how to return the summons. In most instances the court will allow the summons to stand, as it has been served at the only known address of the defendant and the suit will go forward with or without the response of the named defendant.

Can a case be dismissed at a summons?

No, a case cannot be dismissed at a summons. A summons is an official document issued by the court compelling a person to answer charges either in civil or criminal Court. The case for which the summons was issued could be dismissed at any time.

What is The difference od subpoena and summons?

A summons generally requires you to appear in court to answer charges, or to answer a civil complaint or suit. A subpoena usually requires you to appear in court to testify.

Do you have example forms to respond to complaint summons?

This site does not. Contact the office of your local Clerk Of Court for assistance.

Where do you file a response to a civil suit?

The defendant's answer to a civil summons for a lawsuit is sent to the issuing court and a copy to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's legal counsel. Addresses can be found on the summons itself.

How can you find out if the debt collector agency is suing you?

The indebted party will receive a civil summons from the court that has jurisdiction in the area where they reside. A civil summons is not always presented by a process server or officer of the court. It can be delivered by private courier or U.S. Postal service.

Can you go to jail for missing summons by sheriff in Maryland?

This depends on what your summons was for.Added: Although you must appear in response to a SUBPOENA, a summons is another matter. As stated above it all depends on what the court action was, and what the summons was for. Contact the Clerk of Court's office for further information.

Warren co KY district court clerk?

In Kentucky, the Circuit Court Clerk serves as clerk of both Circuit and District Courts. In Warren County that would be Pat Howell Goad. The Clerk's website is the first source below. The District Court website is the second source. I found these at the third source (CourtReference Guide to Kentucky Courts), which has court and clerk contact information for every state.

What is the required format for lawsuit summons?

The plaintiff files a petition for the civil suit, the court clerk notarizes and files the petition, the civil summons is served on the defendant by an officer of the court, a private process server or in some instances by certified mail. In cases such as creditor suits, the defendant does not have to physically receive the summons, all that is necessary is for the plaintiff to make a reasonable attempt of service.

What is a court order demanding someone to appear in court to respond to charges?

A "summons" is the court's usual command is to appear respond to criminal charges. Strictly speaking it is not a court order because it is not signed by a judge, but it has the same effect. A summons is also used to notify someone to respond to allegations in a civil complaint , but a civil summons does not command an appearance in court . It demands the filing of a written reply to the complaint. An "order to show cause" is an order demanding an appearance in court to respond to civil allegations of wrongdoing.

How do you write a response to a summons to court to contest a civil suit for credit card debt?

help, i need an answer.

If you received a summons in the mail for a credit card debt that's over 6 years old but it does not give you the address of the court to answer is this a valid summons from a debt collector?

A lawsuit summons be an official document that has the name of the court, the docket or case number, the name of the plaintiff and the defendant, the date, time, and place the defendant should appear and so forth. At the bottom of the "summons" will be the name and contact information of the plaintiff's attorney an official state court seal and the signature of the clerk or deputy clerk of the court. Debt collectors cannot file a lawsuit and obviously cannot issue a summons for said suit. A lawsuit can only be filed by an attorney licensed to practice in the debtor's state. A summons or subpoena of any sort can only be issued by the court. Any agency or agent attempting to falsify such a document is guilty of a criminal offense and can be subject to severe penalties in a court of law.

How do you handle a civil summons if you are on disabilitymedicare assistance and unable to go to court?

If the summons is for jury duty, you would call them up and tell them your problem and ask what documentation they need.

What is the minimum amount a civil magistrates court summons can sue for in the Victorian Magistrates Court Australia?

The court can hear cases from the lease to the maximum of it's jurisdiction which is of 120,000 thousand dollars for civil and criminal cases .

What does a court summons look like?

Believe me! You'll know it when you see one. However, they all appear slightly different, not only from state-to-state but from court system to court system, so there is no way to give you a specific description. Civil summonses are basically the same whether they are issued by a state or federal court. At the very top of the summons will be the name of the issuing court. Such as, District Court Of The United States_____Judicial District or Supreme Court of the State of______County of_____ or Circuit Court for the County of______State of_____ and so on. It will contain the docket and case number, the names of the plaintiff(s) and defendants(s), the date for appearance, the purpose of the summons, the complaint, etc. At the bottom of the summons it will have the signature of the court clerk and sometimes deputy clerk and the official embossed seal of the court. Summonses for jury duty or those issued by an agency such as the IRS are somewhat different, but they all are on official letterheads with all the pertinent information and they all will have official embossed seals of the court and/or government agency. P

Can a lawyer send a summons through the mail?

Lawyers do not send summons, that is a document that is issued by the court with jurisdiction in the matter. In some cases and in some US states a summons to appear in a civil case can be sent by certified mail.

Who do you call when you miss jury duty?

Call the office of the Clerk Of The Court or the Sheriff's Office with your explanation and and do it ASAP. Failure to answer a jury summons can be an offense.

How do you file Contempt of court charges against parent for not letting me see child?

Go to the courthouse from which the court order was issued. Explain to the court clerk how the order has been violated and that you want to file a contempt charge. The clerk will give you a "Show Cause" (or similar) form to fill out. The court will issue a summons to appear for court - don't miss the court date.

What is the penalty for not responding to summons?

If the summons is for a criminal matter, either a fine or even possible warrant for your arrest. If the summons id for a civil matter, there is no penalty except that the court might enter a judgment against you for whatever the complaint demands.

If you receive a summons without a case number or a court seal is it official or a 'scare tactic'?

An official court summons will always have a heading such as : "Circuit Court of the state of ______ County of_______ (or something similar). It will also have: The date, the case (docket) number, the court number and Plaintiff: _________ vs. Defendant: _______ Lots of "legalese" in between and at the end, the offical seal and signature of the clerk of the court.

Do you have to appear in court for a civil court summons?

Yes! Otherwise you can be held in contempt of court and fined or even jailed. Don't ignore the legal system. Added Answer: No you do not have to appear in court on a civil court summons if you do not want to and you will not be held in contempt, fined or jailed for doing so. The only adverse consequence that will result in ignoring it is that the court might grant the complaining party a judgment against you for whatever it is he is asking for in the complaint. On the other hand, ignoring a summons in a criminal action or a subpoena can result in you being held in contempt, fined or even jailed.

What happens if you don't respond to a civil summons?

When a defendant fails to appear in court relating to a civil matter the plaintiff will usually be awarded a default judgment. If the person summoned is a witness in a civil matter he or she cannot be legally penalized for failure to comply. A summons is a request to voluntarily appear. A subpoena is a mandatory court order to appear and should never be ignored.