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No. Debts made before marriage do not carry over into the marriage and become the responsibility of a new spouse, this includes community property states. However, the creditor can request the court to "freeze" the account of the non debtor spouse to determine if the account holds any funds that actually belong to the debtor spouse. All Social Security benefits, RRB, government pensions, all disability benefits, most private pensions, public assistance and child support (not spousal maintenance) are exempt from a judgment creditor.

2006-08-15 12:37:29
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Can wifes pay be garnished for husbands debt?

If the debt is on a shared account, then yes, the wife's pay can be garnished even if the husband was the one who ran the debt up.

What is the meaning of garnished account?

A garnished account is an account that has been levied. Many accounts are garnished as a result of past due taxes or child support.

Can a minor's bank acct be garnished?

No, a minors bank account can not be garnished, if they are the only person on the account. If this is a joint account and the non-minor is subject to a judgment then it can be levied or garnished.

Can a wife's bank account be garnished because of a judgment against her husband for an unpaid debt in his name?

Generally they can't garnish your account for a debt in your husbands name only unless he also uses your account - as in a joint account or his pay is deposited in the account.

Can a bank account be garnished if the name is different on the judgemnet?

yes a bank account can be garnished if the name is different

Can your checking account be garnished without wages coming in?

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

Can the spouse be garnished?

in the state of Georgia, can a spouse wages be garnished if they are no longer together and is not on the account?

Can money be garnished from your business bank account for a shortage on foreclosure?

Whether your money can be garnished depends on the type of business you have. If you have a corporation, your personal liabilities are separate from your business liabilities, which means your corporation's bank account will not be garnished.

Can bank account five dollars or less be garnished?

Can bank account five dollars or less be garnished?Read more: Can_bank_account_five_dollars_or_less_be_garnished

Can my bank account be garnished?

Yea. But I think if you have another persions name on it a co owner, they can't bother it. Yes, your bank account can be garnished if you owe child support.

Would a spouce be responsible for the other spouces debts incurred before marriage?

No, however if you hold any joint assets, before or after marriage, such as a home, car or bank account they can be garnished or levied by the creditor regardless of who else is named on the asset.

Can your home be garnished if jointly owned by your wife?

A home cannot be garnished. Your wages or bank account could be garnished. Your home would be liened. Whether or not a lien can be placed depends on who is seeking funds from you and why.

Can a bank account be garnished for auto default?

Depends on the laws in your state.

Can your bank account for salary be garnished for hospital bills?

If they get a judgement, yes

Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

Can a joint bank account held by two unmarried people be garnished in MA?

Whether you're married or not a joint bank account can be garnished in MA. Garnishments are ordered on the individual's financial accounts and essentially can apply to any form of bank account they own.Ê

In the State of Michigan can a joint checking account be garnished if only one person on the account has the judgment against them?


Does the state of Missouri allow Health Savings Account funds to be garnished?


Can your bank account be garnished if you are paying but owe back child support?


Can a wife sign her husbands name on his bank account?


Can a wife deposit check into her husbands account?


Can a joint checking account be garnished?

It depends on who the garnisment order is against and how it is written. A joint account where only one person is the debtor can be garnished under certain circumstances. The difficulty in figuring out your situation, is not knowing where you reside. Each state legislates its own laws for garnishment of wages and bank accounts. If you live in a community property state, such as CA. and have a joint marital bank account, it can be garnished.

Can Savings account froze and wages garnished is that legal?

If there is a garnishment that has been filed with the court, it is legal to have wages garnished up to 25% of the net amount. A savings account can also be attached but again, needs to go through a court of law.

Can your school financial aid get garnished?

Yes, once the funds are deposited as cash to a bank account, the account can then be levied to satisfy a judgement.

Can a bank account be garnished if you have someone else on your account in V irginia?

Yes, as both account holders both own all of the assets deposited within the account, and regardless of who deposited what.