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it depends on if a 16 yr old is considered a minor or if the parents think you will stand by her

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Q: In Michigan will a 20-year-old be prosecuted if he gets a 16-year-old pregnant?
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Should pregnant drug user be prosecuted?

Prosecuted and flogged.

Can a pregnant woman get divorced in Michigan if she is pregnant by another man?

Not only in Michigan, but all over the world. How is life on Mars?

Can 17yr old be prosecuted for getting his 15 yr old girlfriend pregnant?

What state?

Is it legal for married man to get other woman pregnant in California?

Adultery is not illegal - the man will not be prosecuted.

If a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female living in Michigan have a relationship approved by her parents can he go to jail if she gets pregnant?

No. The age of consent for sexual activity in Michigan is 16. Parents cannot approve of any activity that is illegal. If they allow it to happen at a younger age, they can be prosecuted for child abuse.

Can you divorce while pregnant in Michigan?


Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in the state of Michigan?

No, your ability to get pregnant does not make you a legal adult.

Could a eighteen year old go to jail for getting a thirteen year old pregnant?

Yes. if you are 18 you can be prosecuted.

Is it illegal in Michigan to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman?

No, but it should be.

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in Michigan?

Being pregnant will not make you an adult. They are still the parent's responsibility.

In UK if you underage and pregnant and your partner is over the legal law age could he get prosecuted?

Only if the minor was below 16 when they had sex.

How can a 11 year old get pregnant if she already had her period?

In exactly the same way every other female gets pregnant

In Virginia will a 20-year-old be prosecuted if he gets a 16-year-old pregnant?

The age of consent in Virginia is 18, so yes.

Can you get married in Michigan at sixteen and pregnant?

With parental permission you can obtain a marriage license.

Can an 19 year old male be prosecuted for getting his 17 year old girlfriend pregnant?

I would say no as she is over the age of consent which is 16.

If you are 26 and your girlfriend is 16 will you get in trouble in Michigan?

As long as no one knows about it. Be sure not to get her pregnant**

Does a parent still have to pay child support in Michigan if the child becomes pregnant?


Is it illegal in Michigan for a twenty year old to get a sixteen year old pregnant?

No, but it is certainly rude.

Is it okay for an 18 year old to get pregnant from a 17 year old in Michigan?

Yes, because the age of consent in Michigan is 16 and so they are both above the age of consent

If a 15 year old who is pregnant by her 19 year old boyfriend they get married with parental consent can the parents be prosecuted?

Why would the parents be prosecuted? I have never heard of that before. The only one that could be would be the boyfriend because he had sex with a minor which means he commited statitory rape. Good luck and God Bless:)

Can you go to jail for getting a minor pregnant in Mississippi if parents don't press charges?

The parents cannot give you permission to break the law. Yes, you can be prosecuted and sent to jail.

What happens if you are under the age of consent in Louisiana but get pregnant?

(edit)--If the man were underage or similar ages it is usually not prosecuted. If the man is a few years older then watch out!!!!! You have a baby !!!

Could a man be prosecuted if he got a girl pregnant at 15 but 16 when gave birth in England?

Yes, because the act of intercourse was consummated while the girl was under the age of consent.

What if you got pregnant at the age of 12?

If a twelve year old is pregnant, the father of the child will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Medical professionals as well as teachers are required by law to report child abuse, even if the twelve year old or her parents don't file a criminal complaint.

Can you get married at 15 in Michigan if mom and dad allow?

Yes you can! You must have parental approval, and judicial consent. It helps if your pregnant.

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