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In Minnesota can you get your GED at the age of sixteen?

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Visit the official GED Testing Service website at for information or call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you: * Whether you can take the GED Tests * Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests * Where to find a GED instructional program * How much it costs to take the tests * When the tests are given * Other useful information To locate your nearest GED testing center:

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At what age a person get a GED in NM?


What is the legal age to drop out of high school in minnesota?

I think it is sixteen.

What is the age of consent in Minnesota if im 21 and shes under the age of 18?

It's sixteen.

Can a sixteen-year-old take GED exam in any other states?

You can take Ged courses in Georgia at 16 years of age.

Is a pregnant sixteen year old considered emancipated in Minnesota?

No. You are not considered an adult in Minnesota until you reach the age of 18. Your parents still are responsible for you.

At what age can you quit school in Texas and take the GED?

age sixteen. check with Texas Education Agency: also, Texas Tech University has a distance learning program for completing high school and college credit. check with them for GED testing. Good Luck!

Can you take your ged at age 20?

Yes, you can get your GED at the age of 20. GED stands for General Educational Development.

Can you get your GED at age 14?

Can u be 14 and get Your GED

Can you still go to university if you leave school when you are sixteen?

If you get your GED and a college accepts you

Can you kiss at your sweet sixteen?

well in most countries age sixteen is the age of consent. but in Jamaica if most sixteen year old kiss at age sixteen than they will have their parents to speak to.

At what age can you get a GED?

If you don't finish high school, you can get your GED at 18 or 21.

If my child quits school at the age of 16 does he have to get his GED?

No. the GED is totally voluntary.

Is there an age limit to apply for the GED course and graduate early from my class?

There is not an age limit to apply for the test for the GED. There is however in most states an age requirement.

What age can you take GED?


What is the age of your sweet sixteen?

16 years of age. I think that may be why they call it a sweet sixteen.

Legal age to get GED in Louisiana?

the legal age is 17

Why do you call the age of sixteen sweet sixteen?

because you can drive at sixteen and that normally means you get a car.

Can you take the GED test at the age of 16?


If you are sixteen can you hunt with a pistol or assult rifle in Minnesota?

with adult supervision

What is the average age of residents in Minnesota?

The median age in Minnesota is about 35.4.

What Minnesota drinking age?

The minimum drinking age in Minnesota is 21.

What age is the hardest to be?


Can 16 year old get GED in Arkansas?

Most states have a minimum age to sit for the GED. It is the age that others their age would be graduating from high school. They would have to wait a year.

Will age change the fact if a GED or high school diploma are required?

No. A diploma or GED can be required for college entrance or a job without violating restrictions of age.

Where can you work at the age of sixteen?

at the age of sixteen ?are you juking with me you can work any were you've justto search if you really want to workcool_syrian_guy

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