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16-17 with parental consent. 18 and older without parental consent


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The person needs to have permanent resident status. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically give you citizenship or different visa status. The requirements are having been a legal permanent resident for five years. Or being a legal permanent resident and married to a US citizen for three years. The person can then apply for US citizenship.

No. A person aged 16 or 17 needs the written consent of both parents or of their legal guardian(s). This is true even if said person is emancipated from their parents.

Yes, only one person involved needs to be married to become an adulterous affair.

A notary witnesses and verifies (with legal identification required by the actually person who needs a notary verification or jurad) that the person signing a document that requires a notary is actually the legal person signing the document.

The best person is obviously Miley Cyrus and whoever thinks else is totally out of their minds and needs to watch the show and actually concentrate!

That the depends on the situation, if the person is a foreigner and can´t live in the country cause people from countries who ain´t allowed in the country that the person, can get married there but than unofficiel. If the person broke out of jail than the person needs an fake ID and than the person can get unoffciel married.

No. If two people are legally married that means there's a record of the marriage, in order for a seperation to be legal the form needs to be filed, otherwise the records will still hold the union.

The United States is one country but you have to live there or have be a legal resident of it.

In some states you will need a parents signature. Any person under the age of legal majority needs parental or legal guardian consent to marry in all states. There are a few states that waive the necessity for such consent if specific circumstances exist and all other legal requirements are met. The legal age of majority with the exception of four states is 18. The legal age of majority in Alabama and Nebraska is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21.

shes preggo & iz married ^^The person above needs to not rush their typing... For people who can't read that, she is pregnant and married.

all you need to do is whatever needs to be done to make it legal. Find out what needs to be done, then do it!

In Ohio, you need to apply for a marriage license at the clerk of courts office. The officiant of the ceremony needs to fill out the license and you need to submit it to the clerk of courts for filing. * If the couple were legally married in Las Vegas they are legally married in Ohio. All US states acknowledge the validity of legal marriages and legal divorces from other states.

The position of 'Godfather' for a child is not a legal one and therefore no legal action needs to be taken. The appointment of a Godfather or Godmother is religious and/or cultural it does not confer any legal rights whatsoever to the minor child/children to the named person(s).

A deed poll is a legal document that proves a person has changed his name. A person needs a deed poll in order to apply for new official documents, like a driving license or a passport.

Yes, it is legal for schools to ban wigs or anything else they think is inappropriate. If a person needs the wig for a medical reason, the school will make an exception in most cases.

It's neither appropriate nor inappropriate. 18 is the age the law recognizes you as a legal adult, and I recommend that any 18-year-old who wants to get married needs to finish high school first.

dont get married only because your pregnamt. you need to love the person. getting married needs to be a lifelong commitment and yes if your pregnant you should get married but dont let that be the only reason that you do. If you do that then it will only end up in a devorce and that would be worse in the long run you you and the baby. if you love the person and the baby is his then you should get married and make it a lifelong goal to be together forever.

Legal Malpractice Insurance is coverage specifically for professionals practicing in the legal field

Depends on the truck. If it has 4 seatbelts then yes. The law states as long as each person is seated with their own seatbelt, which needs to be on, yes it is legal

no, make him legal, it will make your life alot better. \ He needs to at least become a resident alien and get a Tax Identification Number of some sort.

In Ontario, a person has to be 18 to sign for their own tattoos or otherwise needs a parent or guardian's signature.

what are the intellectual needs of a homeless person in the community

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