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Mandatory penalties include automatic loss of license for one year, $300.00 fine and a period of community service to be determined by the Municipal Court. N.J.S.A. 39:6B-2 There are also court costs and insurance surcharges of $250.00 per year for three years. Failure to produce at the time of trial an insurance card or insurance policy covering the date of the offense creates a rebuttable presumption that the person was uninsured when charged with the offense.

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Q: In New Jersey what is the penalty for driving without car insurance?
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What is the penalty for driving with fake plates no insurance no registration in new jersey?


How will a careless driving ticket in New Jersey with New Jersey registration and insurance but a Kansas license affect your DMV or insurance points?

The current age of driving in New Jersey is 17.

In New Jersey what is the penalty for driving without a license?

It is considered a violation of statue:39:3-10...which can cause 500$ fine or upto 60 days of imprisonment!!

Does New Jersey have the death penalty?

no, new jersey does NOT have the death penalty.

How many insurance points is a ticket for driving without a seatbelt in New Jersey?

In the state of New Jersey, the fine for failure to wear a seat belt is $44. Since it is not a moving violation, there are no points added to your drivers license.

What is the penalty for possession of an illegal firearm in new jersey?

death penalty...

Does NJ have the death penalty?

No, New Jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007.

What is the death penalty in New Jersey?

The NJ Legislature abolished the dealth penalty in 2007.

What is the penalty in NJ for driving without a license and being an undocumented immigrant?

The driving without a licence charge would most likely be dropped, seeing as it's a comparatively minor issue. As for being an illegal immigrant, that removes the case from the jurisdiction of any department in New Jersey, and it then becomes a federal case under the INS. In the end, you would be deported.

If 182 is the insurance code in New Jersey what is name of the insurance company?

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company

What does cure insurance cover?

Cure Auto Insurance is a not-for-profit company which offers auto insurance. They are a regular insurance company operating out of New Jersey. They offer lower rates, it is based on your driving record, and 24 hour customer service.

Who regulates the title insurance industry in New Jersey?

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

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