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In North Carolina can a 16-year-old move out with parental consent and live with a friend of the family?



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With parental consent, yes. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities for the maintenance and support of the minor. Well, you would do yourself and the family your going to move in with a big favor by checking with your county court house for something like this. Parental consent does not override the law and if these people take you in, who is your official guardian and responsible for your well being and welfare until your 18. What happens if some medical issue arises or your arrested who is your legal guardian at this point. Call the court house and ask the age of maturity and if you can move out with your parents consent. What about the high school issue, too? Parents of a minor may give the child permission to reside with a qualified adult caregiver. As noted the parents are still legally and responsible for the minor and it is always advisable to have some conditions in writing but not absolutely necessary for an older child. If the child needs emergency care a phone call to the parents will suffice, if other issues are encountered the parents can be contacted as needed. Authorities will not intervene as long as the minor is in a suitable environment, attending school as required, etc.