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In most states its 6 months after you get your lerner's permit. Check with your local DMV.

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Q: In Ohio how long do you have to wait before you get a license if you have a learner's permit?
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Is it legal to drive on Ohio with a Michigan learners permit?

No, you need a driver license. Learners permit doesn't make you a full licensed driver.

If you are 15 can you get your learners permit?

In Ohio, you can get a learners permit when you are 15 yrs and 6 months old.

If you are older then 18 do you need to get your permit first to get your license?

Well it depends where you live i lived in Ohio and Indiana and you have to get your permit before you get your license, but if your 18 then you DON'T need your permit license.

What states can you drive in with a Ohio learners permit?

You can drive in any state you would like with an Ohio learners permit as long as you meet the other requirements. You will have to have another driver beside you.

How many questions can you miss on the Ohio learners permit test?

4 questions

How old can you be to receive your learners permit?

Depends on the state where you reside. In Ohio you can apply for one at 15 1/2 years old. There are then a lot of requirements to obtain your actual license.

How old do you have to be in Ohio to get your learners permit?

You have to be 15½ and have a parent/guardian with you when driving, testing, practicing.

Does a handyman need a business license or permit in OHIO?

i don't live in Ohio im not a redneck

Can you drive in Ohio with a Texas drivers permit?

Yes, provided you meet Ohio's age requirements. Additionally, you will be subject both to the restrictions which Texas places on their learners permits, as well as the restrictions which Ohio places on their learners permits. You can contact the Ohio State Police for information regarding what their restrictions on learners permits are.

At what age do you get to drive a car?

It depends on where you live some states allow you to drive earlier than others. Alabama - You must be 15 in order to get a Learners Permit but you have to be 16 to get a Drivers License Alaska - You must be 14 in order to get a Learners Permit but you have to be 16 to get a Drivers License Arizona - At 15 you can get a restricted Learners Permit at 15 and 7 months you can get a regular Learners Permit and can apply for a Drivers License at 16. Arkansas - At 14 you can get a Learners Permit at 16 if you have been driving for at least 6 Months you can get an Intermediate License and at 18 you can get a regular Drivers License California - After a driver's training program you can apply for a permit at 15 and 6 Months and at 17 and 6 months can get a License Colorado - After proving you have enrolled in a driving education course with a minimum of 6 hours of driving you can apply for a Minor's permit at 15 Connecticut - Must be 16 to apply for permit Delaware - Must be in between ages of 16 and 18 Florida - Must be 16 to get a drivers license Georgia - Must be 15 to get a permit and must hold a permit for one year and one day before going for your license. Hawaii - 15 in order to get a permit Idaho - Must be 17 to get permit Illinois - To get a permit you must be 15 to get a license you must be 16. Indiana - Must be 16 to get a permit Iowa - Can receive a permit at 14 an intermediate license at 16 and full license at 17 Kansas - Must be 14-16 in order to get a permit. Kentucky - Must be 16 for permit Louisiana - Must be 15 for permit Maine - Can get a permit at 15 and license at 16. Maryland - 16 years and one month for permit Massachusetts - You must be 16 permit Michigan - You must be 14 for permit Minnesota - You must be 15 for permit Mississippi - You must be 15 for permit Missouri - 15.5 for a permit to drive with a licensed driver. Montana - You must be 14 years and 6 months for permit Nebraska - You must be 15 for permit Nevada - 15.5 for a permit and 15.75 for a license New Hampshire - You must be 15 years and 6 months for permit New Jersey - You must be 17 for permit New Mexico - 15 for a permit 15.5 for a provisional license and 16 and 6 months for a full license New York - 16 for your permit and you must have driven for at least 6 months before applying for a license. North Carolina - You must be 15 for permit North Dakota - Must be at least 14 to apply for permit and you must have the permit for at least 6 months before applying for a license Ohio - Must be 15 and 6 months before applying for a permit. Oklahoma- You must be 15 years and 6 months for a permit Oregon - You must be 15 for a permit Pennsylvania - You must be 16 for a permit Rhode Island - You must be 16 for a permit South Carolina - You must be 15 for a permit South Dakota - You must be 14 for a permit Tennessee - You must be 15 for a permit Texas - You must be 15 Utah - You must be 16 Vermont - You must be 15 Virginia - You must be 15 and 6 months Washington - You must be 15 West Virginia - You must be 15 Wisconsin - You must be 15 and 6 months Wyoming - You must be 15 For specific details of restrictions and rules for driving you should check out your states website.

Can you drive in Ohio with a Virginia learners permit?

Unless the learners permit states on it "Valid in VA only" then as long as you are complying with the law (i.e.- have a licensed driver accompanying you, and/or not driving after dark, etc, etc) you will be legal outside VA.

Can a person with a learners permit drive with parent and a sibling in Ohio even if the sibling doesn't have a license?

In Ohio, a person with a learner's permit can drive an unlicensed sibling as long as their parent is also in the car. Studies by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have indicated that the risk of teen drivers getting into fatal crashes is escalated with each teenage passenger that they have.

What if you are 15 and you got your learners license in Florida and you are visiting in Ohio that requires you to be 15 in a half can you still drive?


Are monkeys legal in Ohio?

Yes, primates are legal to own in the state of Ohio. You must have a permit or license to own a primate.

Can you drive in Pennsylvania with an Ohio learners permit?

No. Pennsylvania is one of the few states which gives absolutely no recognition to out-of-state learner's permits.

At what age can you get your driver's permit and license in Ohio?

In most states it is sixteen but other states it is seventeen but i have no idea about Ohio try checking Google.

What is the Ohio Punishment for riding a passenger on motorcycle with permit only?

In Ohio, it's against the law to ride a passenger on a motorcycle if the driver only has a temporary permit. Punishment could remove the license from the offender.

Can you ride a motorcycle with a KY permit in Ohio?

Yes, as long as your Kentucky driver's license has a motorcycle endorsement on it.

If you have a learners permit in Ohio can you drive with someone who is 21?

Once you turn 16 you can drive with anyone over 21. Until then you must drive with a guardian.

Who must be sitting alongside someone under 18 with a learner's permit in Ohio?

To be legal for a minor under the age of 18 with a learners permit, The driver must be accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 21.

When your 18 already can you get your license without having a permit?

In the STATE OF OHIO I know that the CODE states that you Do Not need to attend any required DRIVER'S EDUCATION CLASS before you can APPLY for a DRIVER"S LICENSE, however under the CODE you still have to get a PERMIT first before taking the LICENSE EXAMINATION to be granted a DRIVER"S LICENSE. The PERMIT process is used to determine that you can answer enough questions correctly about the DRIVING RULES, before you will be allowed to DRIVE on the ROADWAYS. The only thing that being 18 gets you is... out of some classes. You can pass the PERMIT TEST and then go take the LICENSE EXAMINATION, without having to attend the required DRIVER'S EDUCATION CLASS for younger DRIVERS (under 18 years old).

Replace a lost Ohio concealed weapons permit?

Contact your County Sheriff - ASAP.

If your suspended in Florida can you get an Ohio license?

As long as you obtain a license in the state of Ohio before your you get suspended in Florida you license will still by valid. If you wait until after your license in suspended then Ohio will not issue you one. So, if you know your going to lose your license get on an airplane fly to Ohio get a license and you'll be fine. Its kinda of like the grandfather rule. Got to like the loop-hole system:-)

How old do you have to be to get a permit to drive a car in the state of Ohio?

you have to be 15 and a half to get your permit in Ohio

In Ohio how old do you have to be to drive?

learner's permit: 15 years, 6 months restricted license: 16 years old full (unrestricted) license: 18 years old