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In Ohio if you receive property in a will do you half to except it if so are you responsible for the debt?


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You don't have to accept it. If there is a lien against the property, you would be responsible for it. Maybe you could sell the property, pay it off and keep the rest.


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No, Ohio is not a community property state, therefore debts solely incurred by one spouse are not the responsibility of the other.

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You already are the legal guardian of your children. Until they reach the age of majority, you are responsible for their property. You may need a probate court approval to sell something that is in trust for them.

The age of majority, which is 18 in Ohio. Until then the parents are responsible.

In the state of Ohio, as in most places the estate will be responsible. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

In Ohio the estate will be responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed.

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In Ohio, the spouse will indirectly be responsible. The estate must resolve all debts. Until that is done, the spouse cannot inherit anything.

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Solon, Ohio has a city income tax rate of two percent. Property tax for property costing approximately $100,00 is currently two thousand dollars.

The spouse of a deceased person is only responsible for said person's debts if the couple resided in a community property state or if the debts were jointly incurred.

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In Ohio the debts of the deceased are the responsibility of the estate. Anyone that was also a co-signer on any of the agreements might also be responsible. Consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction for help.

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