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No, it is not; it is built on top of the same XML framework as the existing libraries.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 00:30:47
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Q: In Php5 is SimpleXML faster than the standard xml libraries?
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What is the recent PHP version?


What are the advantages of PHP5 web hosting?

PHP5 web hosting is the latest version. It uses less system resources than previous versions. It also has enhanced security and it has easier programming.

Where can you download LAMP package for Debian Linux?

LAMP is not a package , it is : Linux Apache Mysql PHPyou can intall them with :sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client apache2 apache2-doc php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5

What is php extension?

We can write php extension is many way... .php , .php5, .php4

Where do you get php cli?

If the operating system is linux open a terminal or ssh to the server and type: (as root) which php-cli or which php5-cli if nothing is ouputted it can't find it, then check if you've got it installed. Debian based distro's: apt-get install php5-cli hope this helps.

How many albums did The Who sell?

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What has the author Toby Joe Boudreaux written?

Toby Joe Boudreaux has written: 'PHP5' -- subject(s): Design, PHP (Computer program language), Web sites

Does php5 support exception?

try{ answer('yes, yes it does.'); }catch(Exception $e){ echo "errr.... error dude: " . $e; }

Describe the differences between the object models in PHP 4 and PHP 5?

Classes written in PHP4 will work in PHP5. Some of the additions in PHP5 are:several magic functions such as __construct, __destruct, __call, __get, and moreinterfacesabstract and final classesvisibilitytype hintingcloningbetter performance

What is the difference between PHP4 and PHP5?

they are the same, but php 5 has improvements in design, security, and stablity. it is basically a new version. if you want more details just go to and find the recent changes in php.

Does you need any software to execute php files?

To execute PHP files, you will need a webserver (Apache) and a compiler (PHP4 or PHP5) . You may refer to Apache official website on how to install Apache on a Windows-based machine

What is a good MySQL Apache tutorial?

A great online tutorial for setting up two servers and working together is at windows-7-vista/. This site provides step by step directions.

How do you install PHP on a Mac?

First install a webserver such as apache.Then download and unpack the PHP source for Unix/Linux.Open apache's httpd.conf and enable the PHP5 module and specify the location of PHP. There should be sample lines to uncomment within this file

Why is it better to use a php5 hosting website rather than use a normal hosting website?

A PHP5 hosting website is better to use than a normal hosting website because it has the ability to embed PHP commands directly into an HTML source document. This means that it is not necessary to call on an external file to process data.

How do you install PHP in Linux?

That depends on what GNU/Linux distribution you're using. On Debian based system (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.), it's as easy as typing: sudo apt-get install php5 There are of course many add on packages you may want as well. For example, php5-imagick would be a good one if you want to manipulate images on the back end. Under other distributions, you may need to use different package managers. On Fedora for instance, it would probably be: sudo yum -y install php5 (if I remember the arguments for yum that is - it's been a while). If you're using a really old one (e.g. Slackware), you'd need to download the source code and do a direct build usually something like this: wget -O php-5.3.6.tar.bz2 tar -jxvf php-5.3.6.tar.bz2 cd php-5.3.6 ./configure make sudo make install

What are HTML extensions?

With most scripts you can use HTML even though the extension may not "say" it directly. The most common ones are .php, .php5 .html, .htm, .html5, .html4 .. the lower you go the more outdated the code will become if the server even supports it still .. Some scripts that don't allow HTML are .js, .css etc .. they're mostly plain text file formats.

Why is the request super global not populating on Ajax requests in ubuntu with php5 and apache2?

It is working fine on normal page submissions, but when i send a request via ajax for some reason the values get stripped out. Using Firebug i can see that the $_POST is correctly populated, but when i do a var_dump in the ajax PHP file, i get an empty array. Note: this script worked perfectly in windows, and everything else appears to be running fine. Thank you :)

Who created The Language of PHP?

PHP is the Web development language written by and for Web developers. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. The product was originally named Personal Home Page Tools, and many people still think that's what the acronym stands for. But as it expanded in scope, a new and more appropriate (albeit GNU-ishly recursive) name was selected by community vote. PHP is currently in its fifth major rewrite, called PHP5 or just plain PHP.

How do you use Facebook From The Command Line With fbcmd in Linux?

fbcmd is a cross-platform tool that lets you use Facebook from the command line. It supports posting a status, uploading photos, creating albums, listing profile information for friends, display events or your stream, share links and lots more.Install fbcmd in Ubuntu:sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curlcd && wget link_to_fbcmd_update.php(attached in related links)php fbcmd_update.phpsudo php fbcmd_update.phpsudo php fbcmd_update.php installAnd that should complete the installation.To be able to use fbcmd, you need to give it access to your Facebook account:- For basic access, run the following command - it should open a new tab in your default web browser, asking you to allow fbcmd to access Facebook:fbcmd go access- The second step is to authorize fbcmd to use Facebook in offline mode:fbcmd go authThis once again opens a new tab in your default browser, which should display a code. Copy that code and run the following command:fbcmd auth CODE - Replacing "CODE" with the code you've copied from Facebook.- And finally, to give fbcmd additional permissions, use the following command:fbcmd addpermNow everything should be ready. to see all the available fbcmd options, type the following command in a terminal:fbcmdHere are a few fbcmd examples:- update your status:fbcmd status "insert the status here"- upload a picture to an existing album called "myalbum":fbcmd addpic myfile.jpg myalbum "photo description"- display your Facebook stream:fbcmd stream

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PHP?

Advantages It has both procedure programming language and OOP (object oriented programming) language features. This means that the programmers from different programming language backgrounds can pick up this language within a short period of time. Most similar to C & C++ language syntax. Open source: It is developed and maintained by a large group of developers. This will help in creating a support community and abundant extension libraries. Speed: It is relatively fast, since it uses not much system resources. Easy to use: It uses a C like syntax, so for those who are familiar with C, itโ€™s very easy for them to pick up and easy to create website scripts. Stable: Since it is maintained by many developers, bugs are rather found and fixed quickly, making it a stable software. Powerful library support: You can easily find functional modules you need such a PDF, graph etc. Built in database connection modules: You can connect to databases easily using PHP, since many websites are data/ content driven, so we will use database frequently, this will largely reduce the development time of web apps. It can be run on many platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. therefore itโ€™s easy for users to find hosting service providers. MySQL is used with PHP as back end tool. Thee popular online database can be interfaced very well with PHP. So itโ€™s been the excellent choice for webmasters. It has powerful output buffering. It can internally rearrange the buffer so that the headers comes before the content. It is dynamic and works in combination with HTML to display dynamic elements on the page. It can be used with a large number of relational database management systems, runs on all of the web browsers (example: Apache, personal web server, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet) and all databases (example: MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, ODBC, PostgreSQL, Inter Base, Front Base, SQLite). PHP5 is fully object oriented language can be hosted nearly everywhere. Its documentation is excellent. PHP has a selection of decent CMSโ€™s such as Drupal, Expression Engine and WordPress. PHP runs in separate isolated processes within Apache so it is very difficult for anyone process to bring down the entire web browser. If anything goes wrong, there is minimal effect because PHPโ€™s state is completely reset at the beginning of the each request. This ends up being more reliable than systems that use long-lived processes, that handle many requests. Itโ€™s completely free and no need to pay any fees. It is highly flexible and use itโ€™s own memory space. Community Support: A huge advantage the technology has is its community. If you are looking for a particular script, chances are another user has already created something similar. Check within the community for availability. Likewise, if you have created a function that otherโ€™s might enjoy, be sure to post the code for others. Security: It offers security that can prevent malicious attacks. This can be adjusted for example in the .ini file. Talent Availability: You can hire programmers with this technology skill more easily than any other language programmers since so many people know the language. Bright Future: Although PHP is already well established, its future prospects are infinite. The keynote is that PHP is loosely typed. This makes simple scripts much faster to develop. One has to devote much less energy towards design. Disadvantages This comes from the ample language features. Some libraries written by a programmer from a procedure programming language may be difficult for programmers with an OOP background to maintain. Security: Since it is open sourced, all people can see the source code. If there are bugs in the source code, it can be used by people to explore the weakness of it. Not suitable of large applications: It will be difficult to use it for programming huge applications. Since the programming language is not highly modular, huge applications created out of the programming language will be difficult to maintain. Weak type: Implicit conversion may surprise unwary programmers and lead to unexpected bugs. Confusion between arrays and hash tables. This is slow and could be faster. There are often a few ways to accomplish a task. It is not strongly typed. It is interpreted and uses curly braces. Poor Error Handling Method: The framework has a bad error handling method. It is not a proper solution for the developers. Therefore, as a qualified PHP developer, you will have to overcome it. PHP is unable to handle large number of apps: The technology is helpless to support a bunch of apps. It is highly tough to manage because, it is not competent modular. It already imitates the features of Java language. It will not give the performance of, for example, โ€œCโ€ or โ€œC++โ€ languages. Because it is a scripting language and is interpreted it will be a bit slower than the optimized โ€œC++โ€ programs.

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Things I've considered:I've tried to oven the chicken roll pieces to save oil plus the fact that it is healthier than the fried version. The difference is, it's not that crispy but it's moist and tender.Expenses(approximate since I didn't consumed all of the ingredients):King Sue Hawaiian Ham (consumed 1 pack of it at Php42.25)Eden Cheese (consumed almost half of it at around Php50.00)Alaska Evaporada (consumed 1 cup of it at around Php10.00)Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs (consumed half of it at around Php18.00)Glad Storage Lock Bag (consumed 1 piece of its 20 pieces at around Php11.30) Queen All-Purpose Cream (consumed half of it at Php24.30)Chicken breast fillet (consumed all of it at Php180.84)2 Eggs (consumed all of it but I didn't bought it. I've just got them from our ref. :D around Php10.00 @ Php5.oo each)salt and pepper (also, I've got this one from our kitchen. cost at around Php5.00)Total Estimated Price for all the consumed ingredients:Php351.69

What are some free web hosting providers?

You can visit these services by clicking on the links below under Related Links. Here, we will describe each of the free web hosting services. Tripod is one of the famous and free web hosting service from Lycos. Check it out at You need to register to make a tripod account. Geocities has been around for years. You can register for a basic package, which is free, yet still offers much freedom in creating your website, or you can register for more advanced packages that are fairly inexpensive and offers even more functionality (and space for your web site!) Geocities has been acquired by Yahoo. The address through this service to access your site is also fairly simple. For example: , in which "example" is your ID you sign up with at registration, for a basic package. Fee-based advanced packages are even shorter. There is one single web host that can be 'best' for everybody, every free service has something behind the free offer and you will have to go through the TOS carefully to understand clearly what you are giving away when taking up the free offer. For example, some free web host offer subdomain or free domain, can you take them to other web hosting services if you decided to move away from the service ? It is important to understand all these if you are serious about building your website to a success, you need to evaluate if it is worth it if you are not able to take with you the hard effort done for months. Of course, there are other types of free web hosting offer that has different conditions, most importantly you must make sure you are crystal clear about the service before signup. To make a totally free website go to is everything you need to build and maintain your very own website. WebStarts gives you... * A Free Web Address * Free Web Hosting * Free Design Tools (super easy to use) Checkout for more information. There are several web hosting sites out there that are free: Tripod - Geocities - and more. You can check each of these to see what they offer for the basic, free account package. You will want to find one that suits your needs as far as script abilities, various code abilities, length of address, amount of space, any email addresses with it, bandwidth, etc. Many sites that offer free account packages also offer advanced packages that are fairly cheap and easy to upgrade. After moving around hosting companies a lot, I have found that one of the best company is x10hosting. You have a lot of webspace, email addresses, php5, one click software installer, great support. However, for the last month or two, they have been updating to the fourth version of x10, so there was a lot of ups and downs, but it has already stabilized a lot.

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