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In Pokemon FireRed when you beat the Elite Four once you go back to the last pace you saved your game why is there something wrong with it?

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No it is like all versions when you beat the elite 4 it tkaes you back to where you last saved (or where it last saved)

2007-09-20 03:20:39
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Q: In Pokemon FireRed when you beat the Elite Four once you go back to the last pace you saved your game why is there something wrong with it?
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What would cause a Pokemon FireRed game to send you back to where you last saved after beating the Elite Four?

It is probably a corrupt game.

What should you do after capturing mew two and defeating elite four?

In Pokemon Leafgreen or Firered, you should try and catch the one last legendary Pokemon with your master ball if you saved it. (It depends on your starter Pokemon on what legendary you can get.)

Do you need a saved file of Pokemon Firered to catch Elekid in Pokemon Diamond?

yes you do

How do you edit Pokemon firered saved games?

in vermilion city the gym leader has electric Pokemon

How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon firered if you saved after killing him?

uhh... you can' already killed it

How do you migrate Pokemon of FireRed?

you put FireRed at the bottom of your DS. Then if you have Pokemon Diamond,Pearl or Platnum insert those into your DS and where it shows where your saved game go down a little bit and it should say "Migrate From FireRed."

How do you load a game on Pokemon FireRed for the GBA?

If you already saved the game after starting a new game just choose continue to start exactly where you saved.

Where do you go to migrate in FireRed to HeartGold?

Put Firered in the GBA slot of your DS make sure its saved in a Pokemon center with the Pokemon you want to migrate inside the PC. Then when Firered is ready turn on HeartGold and choose Migrate follow the instructions then select the Pokemon you would like to have from Firered. Once your all done find the Pal Park and then capture the Pokemon that you migrated.

How do you catch Cobalion in Pokemon white if you accidentally defeat it?

If you saved it before battling it just restart and you do not have to beat the elite four to get it.

How can you load your saved games from the visual Game Boy on Pokemon firered game after you beat the Pokemon league without starting over leag?

When you turn your gameboy on to the Pokemon menu you go on load game rather than saved game after you deafeat the champion you mustwatch the credits

Does Nidoking learn Horn Drill in Pokemon FireRed?

No, you need to have your Nidorino learn it at level 53. that's why i saved my moonstone until level 53 and then made him a NidoKing.

Do you have to beat the elite 4 to go and try to get cobalion again in pokemon white?

Yes, if you have KOed Cobalion and have already saved your game then you need to defeat the Elite 4 in order to activate the respawning system so that the game will return Cobalion.

Where could you find a jhoto pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

go to three island where you saved lostelle in the cave near the port go inside you will see a man e will give you a nugget go out walk through the grassy area thats ur 1st pokemon in jhoto

Why can't i migrate Pokemon from used firered game to completed diamond game. my firered game is at the start?

you have to have at least 6 Pokemon in your PC then you turn your fire red off and keep it in the gba slot and turn your diamond on then go to the migrate from fire red section then pick the six desired Pokemon that you want to migrate then when you get to the place you last saved go to the palpark and go to a park game and catch the fire red Pokemon.

How do you get Zapdos on FireRed if you killed him?

If you defeated Zapdos, you can never get him again, unless if you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed. If you did defeat him, you should have saved the game before pressing the button, A, on it. That way, if you defeat him, you can just turn off the game and turn it back on and you will find Zapdos still there! ed by: QWERTY

How do you trade Pokemon from Coliseum to Fire red?

step 1 hook up gameboy with game saved in Pokemon center. (As long as you have given Celio the Sapphire and Ruby, Beaten the Elite 4 (1st time)) step 2 trade.

Can you get Zapdos again after you let it go?

If ever you mess up catching a legendary Pokemon such as zapdos if you saved before that moment you can reset your game and try again and if you didn't the only way to get a zapdos is from another firered or leafgreen or Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

When in the game can you start trading Pokemon from the gamecube to gba on Pokemon XD even if you have the cord?

To trade from FireRed/LeafGreen to XD: Gale of Darkness you must meet a few pre-requisites. 1) In FireRed/Leafgreen, you must have beaten the Elite Four once, received the National Dex from Prof. Oak (obtained after beating the Elite Four and having caught 60 different species of Pokemon) and helping Celio on One Island find the missing stone on his machine in the Pokemon Center on One Island. 2) In XD you must beat Greevile (basically beat the game). Once that is done you can go to the Pokemon Center in the basement of Phenac City and talk to the nurse who will let you trade. 3) Have your FireRed/LeafGreen/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game saved at a Pokemon Center. 4) Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald can automatically trade with any of the other games as long as the Pre-requisites on those games are met. 5) To trade Pokemon such as XD001, he must be purified. Normal Shadow Pokemon are purified by leaving them in the Container back at the Lab for a while with the Pokemon singing around them. To purify XD001 you must have all nine sets at max capacity meaning the tempo/flow is maxed. To achieve this you must place the Pokemon around the circle in a way that they are super-effective one to another. 6) Trade away and enjoy your Lugia in FireRed/LeafGreen! :)

How do you transfer a Pokemon from a not saved to saved fole?

It's impossible for you to transfer a pokemon from an unsaved file into a saved file. So even if you have a pokemon you really want to transfer you can't it's impossible! :) Hope I didn't dissapoint you!

Problem with your nogba every time you try to link Pokemon pearl or diamond the ROM craches and you lose your saved file you have set up the settings as you were told and only firered works help?


If you migrate a Pokemon from for example FireRed can you still catch that kind of Pokemon in FireRed?

Each Pokemon's saved data stores the original trainer and sometimes the location where it was found. So the migrated-to game knows you did not catch it there. All the Pokemon you caught in your game will have your unique ID just as well. You can re-catch any Pokemon in Fire Red who are not the legendary. For example if you caught Moltres and trade it to your Sapphire game, then you CAN NOT go back to Mt. Ember and expect it to re-appear. But other Pokemon in the game who are not unique you should have no problem finding plenty of replacements.

How can you uncorrupt saved data on Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you have 2 saved files on Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you get an old save back on Pokemon Emerald?

No.Once you saved another place on Pokemon Emerald , you cant go back to where you saved last time

Can you have more than one saved game on Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot have more than one saved game per Pokemon Ruby game cartridge. There can only be one saved game per cartridge.