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You'll automatically get Mewtwo's friend area after you recruit him.

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How do you get mewtwos friend area in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

buy it in the wigglytuff friend areas(after beating rayquaza)

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where do you get a friend area?

At the the Wigglytuff friend club in Pokemon square

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 how many Pokemon can you recrut?

If you're talking about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, you can recruit as many Pokemon as you want. If you are talking about Pokemon Mysatery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, you can only recruit a certain number of Pokemon per friend area.

What level can you recruit Pokemon on mystery dungeon?

It doesn't matter what level you are. It depends if you have the right friend area or, if you have the second Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Chimecho has to set up her friend roaster first.

How do you get friend area in Legendary Island in Pokemon mystery dungeon red?

it comes with the Pokemon

How does friend rescue in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon work?

You get your friend to rescue you through the top menu.

What is Mewtwo's Friend Area in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Cryptic Cave is Mewtwo's Friend Area.

How do you rescue yourself in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

To be rescued in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, you either have to redo the mission, or have a friend with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rescue you. Your best bet would be to redo the mission. This way your friend doesn't have to struggle trying to save you.=Hope this helps!=

How do you unlock new places in Pokemon mystery dungeon?

Buy friend areas. The last dungeon is the deoxys one

Can you get a hitmontop in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

by buying a friend area called mt discipline

What is latios's and latias's friend area in Pokemon blue mystery dungeon?

southern island

What is the code to have recruited all Pokemon in mystery dungeon blue?

For Pokemon Blue mystery dungeon there is not a code to recruit all Pokemon monster in the game. There are several codes to help progress through the game such as spawning the Friend Bow.

What is the code for all friend areas in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

I do not think there is a code ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- I do not think there is a code ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue rescue team?

Fight him alone with friend bow

What is Raquaza's friend area on Pokemon Mystery dungeon red rescue team?

Stratos lookout

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue how to store you friend Pokemon?

you do not have to store them they automaticaly go to your friend areas. to get to your friend area you must go left from your team base.

Is their a code to get all the Pokemon in the friend areas for Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

you dont need friend areas. just recruit anyone.

How do you get friend area southern island in Pokemon mystery dungeon?

You can buy it from the friend area shop Dont know what the price is

What is a bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

its a item that you can carry such as a friend bow which increases the chance to recruit a Pokemon once defeaten

Which Pokemon does live on the friend area rainbow peak on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue rescue team?


How do you get metwo in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

To get mewtwo in Pokemon mystery dungeon you must get Ho-oh to join your team, then a day or two after a cut scene will show a charizard and a blastoise in a dungeon, being defeated by a mystery Pokemon. The if you go to Pokemon square they will come to you and tell you about Western Cavern, that is where mewtwo is. It is a super long 99 floor dungeon which has strong Pokemon in. You might want to grab a friend bow and take it with you if you want to get him easier.

In Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon what is the friend area for latias?

Its called southern island i hope it helped.

On Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red how do you get Rayquaza friend area?

you have to befreind him and then his freind area is automaticly unlocked.

How do you get the dungeons to find legendary Pokemon in mystery dungeon red rescue team?

if you buy friend areas you can do it

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue friend codes?

there aren't any friend codes for red & blue rescue..veronica