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Q: In Pokemon Ranger where are the 6 skitty?
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How do you get the skitty out of the trash can on poke'mon ranger?

Use a pokemon who knows tackle, they are found around Fall City. Skitty will appear :)

Were is the trash can on Pokemon Ranger?

I'm going to assume you're working on the Skitty-searching mission. The trash can that Skitty can be found in is in the area south of the Ranger Base in Fall City. Make sure you have a Pokemon with the Tackle ability. Go left and then up - there will be two trash cans. Skitty is in the one on the right.

Where is the fifth Skitty in Pokemon Ranger specifically?

It is in a house to the top left above Prof. Hastings lab - it looks like a Skitty plush doll.

What type of Pokemon is Skitty?

Skitty is a Normal type pokemon.

How do you get skitty on pokemon sapphire?

You can get skitty in route 116

Is Skitty a legendary Pokemon?

No, Skitty is not a Legendary Pokémon.

Where is the 6th skitty you have to find in Pokemon Ranger?

the 3 most tricky ones are ones on the roof of a building, ones in a trash can (u'll need tackle) and one is in a family's house, cuz they apparently thought the skitty was a Pokemon doll.

Where is the last skitty in Pokemon Ranger?

it is in one of the houses of the people living in fall city. belive me ive finished the game

What is a skitty kitty?

A skitty is a Pokemon that looks like a cat.

Where do you get skitty in Pokemon White?

You can't get a skitty in Pokemon white unless you migrate it from another game.

Pokemon emerald how to get skitty?

Skitty is a normal type pokemon that has existed since Generation 3. In Pokemon Emerald, Skitty can only be found in the tall grass in Route 116.

Where are all the skitty in pokemon ranger?

The Skitty are scattered throughout Fall City. One can be found on the rooftop, next to a big apartment building, playing with a Meowth and near the clock tower. Be aware that there is a Skitty hiding in a trash can that rattles. You will need the help of a Snubbul to force it out.

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