In Pokemon battle frontier does Butterfree come back?

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I can't tell you for sure, but you can see it in the intro, so yes it is highly likely.
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Will butterfree ever come back to ash?

Well it hasn't yet, but there is still more time for it to make an appearance as there will be new Pokemon episodes soon

Is there a battle frontier in Pokemon Ruby?

No, But there is a Battle Tower there. The battle frontier was added only to Emerald Version, and therefore is Completely unaccessible to ruby/Sapphire Version. Sorry. .

How do you get to battle frontier on Pokemon emerald?

after you beat the elite four, you will end up in littleroot town. after you come out and birch upgrades your pokedex and take a few steps, Scott will call you and tell you to
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When is Pokemon Battle Frontier on TV?

I have seen it a few times on cartoon network. Pokemon is usually on at 12:30pm and 6:00 or 6:30 am. If you have Time Warner Cable it is channel 45, and if you have Dish I thi