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If the vin # is listed or any other correct information, such as your actual address and name, then the ticket is still good and won't be dismissed.

2006-08-11 15:30:26
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Q: In Quebec if the license plate number on your ticket does not match the license plate on the car you were driving when you got the ticket will it be dismissed?
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Should you give out your driving license number?


Driving license number 422 pa?

The only way to find out who has the driving license number 422 in PA is speak to the DMV or to a police officer.

Wrong address wrong license number and wrong year of car is the ticket still valid and if I pay for it will it be linked to me?

In New York, if the summons is not written correctly, it will dismissed. In your case, they had the wrong license number and wrong address written out so I guess 99.9% your case will be dismissed.

How many digits are in driving license number?

Varies by jurisdiction. My NC license had eight; my Colorado license has nine.

What are the consequences of driving without a valid UK licence?

You can be convicted for number of faults if you are driving without a driving license. For example you can also be convicted for not having insurance. Because driving without valid driving license invalidates your insurance also.

Forgot to bring driver's license while driving?

That could be driving without a license. Most likely if you have your Driver's License Number memorized they can call it in and pull your record that way. The License is only a way for Law Enforcement to identify.

What happens if I lost my license and haven't had a chance to replace it what happens if I am driving and get pulled over?

If you know your license number, you can refer the police officer to that number (which he can then look up) and it's as if you had your license. If you do not know your license number, you will probably have to pay a fine.

What if license number and birth date are incorrect on traffic violation?

If the information is not enough to clearly identify the person accused it will likely be dismissed.

How do you report someone who is driving with out UK driving liecence?

Write down the license number of the car, and its description, and call a copper.

Can the police run a license plate number and find out who has tickets while driving that vehicle?

Sure can

What cop do with your driver license in their vehicles?

They contact the police station and give them the license number. The police station then looks up your license number to see if there are any warrants for your arrest, past driving record, past convictions, etc.

How can I get my driving licence number?

If it is really your drivers license number that you want, and you are not trying to pull something here (sorry but there are scam artists out there), then contact the police and report that you wallet and drivers license are missing. They can run a license check and get the drivers license number for you..Your auto insurance company will also have that info on file!!

How can you get a provisional license?

It depends on what you mean by a "provisional" license. Typically that is reserved for someone who has lost a license because of violations such as driving while impaired. If you have lost a license because of impaired driving or exceeding the number of "points" that have been acquired, you'll need to speak with either the judge who revoked your license or the state drivers license office, then you'll need proof of insurance. Insurance following an impaired driving traffic violation or repeated traffic citations can be quite expensive.

Does ny speeding tickets count on Ohio license?

Absolutely. You have one drivers license. The ticket is tied to this drivers license number and therefore will go on your driving record no matter what state the license is from. It will definitely show up on your record.

When they ask for your Alberta License number are they asking for your plate number or the number in your license card?

license card

Where can I find this free license plate lookup service legally?

I just saw a handsome guy driving by. I noted his license plate number. My girl friend told me there is such kind of free license plate lookup. How do I find this free license plate lookup service?

How long do you have to wait to get your license after you pass your permit test in Minnesota?

6 months Additional Info There is a requirement in most states to get a certain number of hours of driving experience (behind the wheel) of both daytime and night driving. Once that is accomplished, then the solo license can be sought.

What happens when a police officer checks your drivers license?

They call the license number into a computer system. This will check the driving record. It will also insure that it is a valid drivers license. the system will also check the license against any outstanding warrants to see if the driver is wanted for anything.

Can you drive at night with a parent and a learners permit?

In Georgia you are supposed to have a certain number of hours of experience driving at night before you can get your license. The parent has to sign saying that you have this experience when you go back to get your license.

If you have a persons Social security number and drivers license number can you find his drivers license number?

If you have someone's Driver's License number you no longer need to find his driver's license number. Try restating the question.

Can you get new licence plates if your old ones has tickets on it?

When you get a 'ticket' for violating a State Statute, City Ordinance, or Driving Code the violation is not tied to the license plate on the vehicle. The license plate is associated with the "registered owner" of the vehicle.When you get a 'ticket', it is associated with your driver's license, and the 'violation' is put in the driving record that is tied to your driver's license.You (if you are the registered owner of the vehicle) can get new license plates for your vehicle for many different reasons, unfortunately the tickets (violations) you get while driving (in any vehicle) are all associated with your driver license, not the vehicle's license plate.If you are referring to having been given a 'parking ticket', then the officer has 'called in' the license plate number and issued that parking ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle, which is also put on the person's driving record.Changing the license plate will not get you out of paying a parking ticket.

You received a speeding ticket in Montreal Quebec Canada and the drivers license number written on the ticket is wrong Is this a valid defence in court?

I would call great advice and service.

What do you have to do to get your drivers license in America?

To get your drivers license in America, you have to first obtain a social security card or individual tax identification number. You then need to become familiar with the rules of driving and pass the test at the DMV.

How about a place asking for your driver's license number when the job doesn't require driving and the license number has date of birth embedded in it?

If the potential employer is asking for a driver's license number when the job does not involve driving, it is probably a way to ascertain date of birth. Leave the question blank or make note that the information will be provided if and when it is relevant. Age disrimination is illegal and there is no reason for them to ask for driver's license numbers if the job does not involve driving. Of course, this is ultimately a moot point, since the application is going to ask for your date of birth, anyhow. It might be simply for background verification. **My business is located in California and we request the applicant's driver's license number so we can do a preliminary background check. A requirement of the job is a potential employee's ability to become a notary public, which requires an FBI background check.

How do you know the person details using driving license id number or card?

hi, good morning to wiki team members i have an question as how to know persong details using driving licence card no. or and how to check the driving licence is correct or not ?