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In Spain do people eat chips and salsa?

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Some people in Spain eat chips and salsa. However, chips and salsa are not a traditional snack in Spain. Chips and salsa are Mexican and are often eaten with Mexican food.

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Do Sweden's eat salsa and chips?


Do people in the Dominican Republic eat a lot of chips and salsa?

The answer is no, that's a Mexican, and south American dish, we do make salsa, however we don't eat it all the time, and it is not hot like the south American latin salsa is known to be.

Name something you might eat while drinking beer?

peanuts, chips, salsa

Name a spicy food some people love to eat?

Chili, curry, tacos, chips and salsa, hot wings, jalapeno peppers

What do you eat with tacos?

You can eat about anything with a taco. I suggest chips and or salsa or guacamole. Or rice and beans. DELICIOUS! ~dman

Why do people eat chips?

People eat chips because they taste good.

What food is involved in the day of the dead?

Well you can eat salsa,chips,rice,beans and other food from that culture.

When do people in Mexico eat salsa?

For the same reason you and I eat salsa: we like the way it tastes. But, it may be part of their cultural food.

What are some common staples in the Mexican diet?

they have eggs or steak and they have guacamole and chips, salsa, anything they can find that is in their culture and that is healthy, they will eat.

What do the people of Spain eat?

The Spain people eat chocolate balls with beans

What is the difference between us salsa and chips and Mexico salsa and chips?

The difference lies in the composition of the salsa:The US version is mildly spicy, composed of tomatoes and one or two - if any at all - jalapeno peppers.Mexican version is usually pretty spicy, including at least four serrano peppers which makes them difficult to eat for most foreigners.

What kind of food do people eat in British Columbia?

Thayer eat salsa on chairs

What do dorks do for entertainment besides Guitar Hero?

Oh we do plenty of things: read, eat chips and salsa, read, bake brownies, read.......

What Mexican foods do Americans eat?

Americans eat tacos, enchiladas, tamales, burritos, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, chimichangas, flan, fajitas and many other things.

When do people in Chile eat salsa?

Whenever they're performing a cultural act that requires salsa, but they may also eat it whenever they would want the taste of it. We're human.

How many stages are in the tour of Spain?

like 22, if u watch twilight do not eat chips....

What do you have to eat at a Super Bowl party?

Patatoe chips, Guacamole, Salsa, Tortailla chips, Coke/Beer, Nachoes, Chip dips, Chips, Tacos, Burritoes, & layered taco dip, ice cream, cookies Ext. Things like that are mostly common

What kind of chips do people in Belize eat?

Chips like every body else !!

What did people used to eat in castles?

they used to eat cake and chips

How long must you wait to eat after you can tomato salsa and salsa verde?

You can eat it right away.

What do English people eat?

English people eat many dishes that are found elsewhere in the world. But one of the most popular things to eat is Fish + Chips (chips as in French Fries).

What easy foods taste good with salsa?

Lots of things taste good with salsa! One of my easy favorites is scrambled eggs- put a little salsa on them and cheese if you like and mm-mm-good! Another easy party food or snack is to pour salsa over a block of cream cheese and dip tortilla chips in it. I can eat that just for dinner!

Why do people like to eat in Spain?

Because people in Spain are like everyone else in the world, they have to eat. And almost everyone likes to eat.

What did people eat and drink on the Titanic?

sossege and chips

Can jewish people eat chips?

Yes they can and if you are go for it

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