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Q: In Spanish cooking what is the phrase for a regional speciality?
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In Spanish cooking what is the phrase for a 'regional specialty'?

El plato tipico is the Spanish phrase for a regional specialty.

What is the Spanish phrase to get lost?

The phrase "get lost" as in telling someone to leave is "piérdete" in Spanish.

Fire it cooking phrase?

Yes fire it is a cooking phrase often used on hell's kitchen. It means to heat it or cook it by using a stove or oven.

What is the meaning of they phrase 'What is cooking'?

What is cooking the books of Robin Sharma. What is cooking , .....some thing is happening there which u r not aware of.

What is the Italian translation of the Spanish phrase 'muy bella'?

Molto bella is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish phrase muy bella.Specifically, the adverbs molto and muy mean "very." The feminine adjective bella translates as "beautiful." The pronunciation will be "MOl-to BEL-la" in Italian and "mwee VEY-ya"* in Spanish.*Regional variations include "mwee VEY-sha" in Uruguay and "mwee VEY-zha" in Argentina.

What does pues frores means in English?

"Pues frores" does not have a specific meaning in Spanish. "Frores" is not a recognized word in the Spanish language, so it does not have a direct translation into English. It is possible that "pues frores" may be a misspelling or a regional variation of a different phrase.

What is the function of the gerund phrase in this sentence the recipe for cooking macaroni and cheese is simple?

In the sentence, The recipe for cooking macaroni and cheese is simple, the word cooking macaroni and cheese does the work of a noun phrase.

How do you say settlement amount in spanish?

Spanish courts may hear this phrase a lot. The English phrase "settlement amount" translates to the Spanish phrase "importe de la liquidacion".

What is the tense of verb phrase Am cooking?

present continuous

What is the Italian two word phrase for cooking chicken?

Al pollo is the Italian phrase for "with chicken".

What is the meaning of the phrase donkey drill?

There does not seem to be a phrase "donkey drill" anywhere online. Perhaps it is a regional saying in your area.

What is la cocina criolla?

"Creole cuisine" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase cocina criolla. The feminine singular noun and adjective also translate into English as "Creole cookery (cooking, kitchen, stove)" according to context. Regardless of meaning or use, the pronunciation remains "ko-SEE-na KRYO-ya" in Latin American Spanish, "ko-SEE-na KRYO-sha" in Uruguayan Spanish, "ko-SEE-na KRYO-zha" in Argentine Spanish, and "ko-THEE-na KRYO-yo" in peninsular Spanish.