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No, that's only for the PC version.

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Yes, you can receive hats from The Item Drop System.

There are currently a total of 214 hats (excluding the 91 misc items

There is currently a total of 235 hats (excluding the 124 Miscellaneous items) in TF2.

Unusual hats in Team Fortress 2 worth a lot because they are unique and different, hence unusual. Not a lot of TF2 users would have them and that is what makes those hats stand out from the rest, and as a result, they are worth quite a lot.

You can get hats randomly on rare occasions, but you can also craft one. You can do so by either using 3 Refined Metal, or 2 other hats.

The paint can is a tool in the video game Team Fortress 2 that allows players to change the coloring of hats and miscellaneous items. Paint cans are available in 29 colors.

You cannot subscribe to items on the Team Fortress 2 workshop. The workshop is not like most other workshops. Users make hats and weapons and upload them for Valve's judgement. If Valve approves of the item, they get put into the game.

The crafting blueprints aren't stored locally. Therefore, you can't alter the blueprints to easier craft hats.

fabricate is turning scrap into an item, rebuild is turning items into another item (rebuild 2 hats into 1 hat)

In men's hats the style that sell is really the baseball cap with any team on in. In western hats it's the Stetson.

The Buffalo Bills are an NFL American football team. Therefore it is the fans of this team who wear Buffalo Bill hats to show support for their team. They are styled on the snap back hat.

In your new team , at the bottom , there is a list of hats that you can choose for your team to use.

his favorite team is the new york yankees. that's why he is always wearing ny baseball hats.

Sportline Team Sports website sells clothing with team badges etc. They also sell hats and bags of various designs and sizes that have team logo's on.

One can purchase MLB baseball hats for every major league team through the MLB shop on their official website. MLB baseball hats can also be purchased from both Amazon and Ebay.

The colour of Colt hats come in their team color. Some of them may have black writing or grey background. But they always include royal blue and white.

I'd say either Yankees or Red Sox since whenever you are walking the city you see those two hats I live near angel stadium and 30 min from dodger stadium and you still see the other hats being worn more instead of the hats of teams that live by you.

the Chicago cubs (the c on their hats at least)

That would be, by far, the New York Yankees.

Sunday hats are hats that you wear on Sunday mostly to mass.

Without hats, people will get hot in the sun. Some hats can shade you.

Washington Senators in the 1950s (specifically, Jim Lemon 1B)--(from dahuppster)

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