In Virginia if a waiter does not make minimum wage is the employer responsible to make up the difference?

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I used to work as a server here in NC and while the laws do state that employers are suppose to make up the difference, they usually don't. Everywhere I have worked, save for one place, ALWAYS went back in the computer system and changed my wages (claimed tips) so it would appear that I made over minimum wage, and leave me earning approximately $2.25/hr. So yes, while they are suppose to, I would venture to say that they won't.
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If a waitress counts her tips and they equal less than the minimum wage for the hours worked is the employer responsible to make up her pay to at least minimum wage?

Minimum wage . The minimum wage for restaurant, diner, and bar servers is much lower than the minimum for other workers. Your employer is obligated to pay you the server minimum, nothing more. It sounds like you need to find a more popular establishment.. In Kentucky and Indiana, the employer is ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum wage in Virginia?

Virginia's minimum wage is the federal minimum $7.25 per hour, or $2.13 per hour for tipped employees, as per the Fair Labor Standards Act.

How much can you make as a cater waiter?

Depending on the company you're with, or the client, it ranges from $15/hour to $20/hr. If you're lucky, you can add on tips but that's usually not the case with large events.

What is minimum wage for waitresses in Virginia?

It is 2.13 an hour. Technically, if a server does not receive at least $5.12 an hour in tips, an employer is also supposed to provide enough compensation such that the waitress receives at least $7.25 an hour, but this rarely happens.

What is the minimum wage in North Carolina for waiters?

\n. \nIt's $7.50\n. \n. \n>> The person that put $7.50 is out of their mind. That's more than minimum wage in NC, period... must less for servers. As of right now, the minimum server wage in NC is actually only $2.13/ hour!!!!

What happens when labor unions make employers increase workers wages?

First of all, a union can't "make" anything happen. A union negotiates with an employer; the two agree to a wage increase. Inflation goes up, cost of living goes up, cost of goods goes up, cost of insurance goes up, companies raises the cost of products produced, companies look for labor out sid ( Full Answer )

How much does a waiter at Olive Garden make?

When I worked there years ago I averaged anywhere between 17-20 a hour with tips added in. But I worked my butt off to make it. But not bad for someone that was 18 years old and no waitering experience. I was being paid $5.25 a hour and then after tips it averaged out to 17-20 a hour. But its a stre ( Full Answer )

Can your employer make you work for lower wage?

can a employer make you work for lower wage to get out of paying unenployment An employer can lower your wage, and you can accept that or leave. Lowering your wage does not exempt the employer from UI claims.

How much do waiters make in tips a day?

I have waited tables for 5 years, all fine dining. Tips vary day to day, in a fine dining restaurant with a nice wine menu, a server should be able to pull $100 easy. Highs ranging from $350-500 dollar nights depending on clientele. That being said, on an off day you might be sent home early with no ( Full Answer )

How much do waiters make an hour in Colorado?

As a waitress that has been working for five years i usually pull in 100 on average per 5-7 hour shift on the weekends, weekdays are more like 50-80

How much would you make in a year on minimum wage?

This really depends on the jurisdiction and their corresponding minimum wage laws. Without knowing tax deductions, holiday pay, vacation time, etc. and assuming full time hours (40 hours per week for 52 weeks in a year) you would probably make in the range of $15 600 ($7.25/hr) to $20 800 ($10/hr) ( Full Answer )

What is waiter minimum wage?

$6.40 per hour\n. \n. \n. \n. \n . $2.40 an hour (it is one of the lowest legal wages, due to expectation of tips).

If a business can not pay the minimum wage because they are not making enough money to do so can the employees still work there without the minimum wage?

As an employee, you can't get in trouble for accepting less than minimum wage, although no matter how much money the business is making, it can still get in trouble for not paying it. Try to find a job working for someone more responsible; anyone paying less than minimum wage might very well stiff ( Full Answer )

Can a employer make you sign up for a 401 K?

no one not even an employer can make you sign up for anything 401K,any type ofinsurance,benefits,care,not even dental,vision,health its actually up to the individual if anyone wants anything or not nothing can be forced on anyone

Can an employer make you do the same work at 2 different facilities?

I believe the 1970's I taught at a modeling school....the owner opened a second branch in a nearby suburb, and I taught at both of them - 4 days a week at the main school and one day a week at the I guess it's not illegal or long as you are being paid......I ( Full Answer )

What is the religious make-up of Virginia?

Based on the 2000 census Virginia is: . 76.00 percent Christian, . 15.00 percent non-religious and the others listing themselves as . Jewish, Buddist, Muslim, Hindu or others.

How much of the population currently makes minimum wage?

According to the department of labor the current Population Survey estimates 75.3 million workers are hourly wage earners in 2008. Among those 286,000 earned exactly the minimum wage and 1.9 million earned below the minimum. That makes for a total of 2.2 million workers who earn at or below the mini ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between wage employment and self employment?

Wage employees are paid for services rendered and their work isstrictly monitored by their employer. Their pay can be in the formof salary, hourly, or commission; but it must meet the stateminimum hourly wage. Additionally, the company holds taxes out ofthese employees' paychecks. Self employees on ( Full Answer )

What if you cant do the job duo to injury and seek other employment and it has less hour and pay does workers comp make up the difference?

Due to the injury which has been accidently so we can't finsih our job as soon as possible, not only that no time to and also it is due to the less hour, the salary is less than that of which asked in the other company so, please after my inury gets cleared, and if my salary get raised i may finish ( Full Answer )

Duties and responsibilities a make up artist?

The main responsibilities of make up artistare: . Communicating with the clients to clarify the look she wants. . Apply make up using a colour palette and different tools suchas mascara, sponges, brushes and applicators. . Style hair accordingly. . Use photographs for reference when finali ( Full Answer )

Should an employer have the right to tell you to wear make up?

An employer has the right to insist that you appear presentable and professional. Specifically requiring you to wear make-up (unless the job literally requires it, for example, if you're an actor or model or something) is a little over the top and might be actionable.

How are the minimum wage and union wages similar and how are they different?

Very few union members work for minimum wage because they areskilled workers. Union members come together to demand wages thatare higher than minimum wage because they offer experience andskills that the unskilled non-union members cannot. When theminimum wage increases by law, there is a smaller di ( Full Answer )

Are minimum wages necessary to protect the interests of the employee or the employer?

Actually, the minimum wage helps to protect both the worker and the employer. The minimum wage acts as a guideline for the employer so he can assess what other employers are paying for unskilled work. As the complexity of the job tasks increase, the employer can raise the remuneration in order to re ( Full Answer )

How can you budget insurance when you make minimum wage?

You can budget for insurance in many different ways. Create a list of all of your expenses. Go through that list and see which areas can be trimmed back, thus creating extra funds for insurance.

How much does minimum wage make a week?

Minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. If the job is full-time at 40 hours per week, then that makes $290 (before taxes and other deductions).

What is the is the differences of living wage and minimum?

A lot. Living wage is a wage which you can live off of and meetyour needs. The minimum wage is the minimum businesses within ajurisdiction are required to pay their wage-based employees (thisdoes not apply to contractors, commission-based employees, oremployees subject to receiving tips. One is subs ( Full Answer )

Why is the minimum wage different in every state?

Economies differ from state to state. In coastal states (California, New York, Florida, Mass, etc) thecost of living is very high, thus the minimum wage can be higher asa supplement. In the Midwest, (Kansas, Oklahoma, and so forth) the cost of livingis very low. A high minimum wage in Kansas would ( Full Answer )