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In Japan the making and drinking of tea is a ceremonial ritual.

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If your drinking darjeeling you are drinking what?

You are simply drinking tea .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea?

drinking tea results in causing moles on your skin

What side effects are there related to drinking tea weight loss?

There are no known side effects related to drinking tea for weight loss. Drinking tea is very beneficial for you.

Which country is famous for tea?

There are several countries that are famous for their tea. Japan is well known for it's traditional tea ceremonies, while the United Kingdom is known as one of the most prolific tea drinking countries.

Is drinking cold tea the same as drinking water?


Which country is the largest consumer of tea?

Turkey is the largest tea-drinking nation. Morocco and Ireland are not far behind and the UK only makes it to 5th place.

Does the Mad Hatter keep drinking tea?

The Mad Hatter does keep drinking tea.In the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, he not only drinks tea at the mad tea party, but carries on drinking tea when he appears as a witness at the trial of the Knave of Hearts. Then, when he appears again in Through the Looking Glass(with the new name Hatta) he is still drinking tea.

Chinese tea ceremony?

The Chinese Way of Tea is called the Chinese Tea Ceremony. It is a cultural activity that includes the ceremonial making and presenting of the tea leaf. It is the art of the performance that is the tea ceremony.

Can you get your period by drinking tea?


Is drinking cold tea the same as drinking cold water?


Is drinking green tea related to weight loss?

Drinking green tea has been related to weight loss in many studies. However, just drinking the tea will not make you loose weight. The ingrediants in the tea will help your body burn calories and it will help raise your metabolism but just drinking the tea alone will not make you loose weight.

Does drinking tea help you concentrate?

Drinking tea helps to keep your body hydrated, a hydrated body does concentrate better.

Does drinking tea prevent pregnancy?

No. There is even recent evidence that drinking tea may improve your chances of getting pregnant!

Does drinking green tea make the skin complexion darker?

does drinking tea or coffee makes skin complexion darker ?

If you are drinking an Arnold Palmer what are you drinking?

Unsweetened iced tea and lemonade. Use sweet iced tea for a "Winnie Palmer".

How do you say you like drinking tea in French?

I like drinking tea is "j'aime boire du thé" in French.

What is the Japanese event for making or serving tea?

It involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of 'Matcha' powered green tea. It is a form of hospitality

Are there safe herbal alternatives for bladder control medications?

They have herbs such as cranberries and drinking mugwort tea and green tea. Drinking green tea can help infections in the bladder.

Can you drink tea to get shorter?

Drinking tea will not shrink one's height.

Does drinking Tea affect Testicle Enlargement?

No, tea has no effect on testicles.

Is drinking tea after food harmful?


Can you lose a weight When drinking tea?


Is drinking a lot of tea bad?


What is the best herb tea to use so someone to stop drinking?

No herbal tea will help a person stop drinking alcohol.

Eating or drinking tea?

Tea is a Liquid.. So we call it as Drinking Tea. However, English people says, Eating tea, it means, they are having dinner. Vincent you mad fellow, its a silly question :p

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