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In Which year mangalore municipality started?

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What year did Queensland become a municipality?

Queensland is not a municipality. It is one of the states of Australia.

Can i have the mnc companies of mangalore?

you mean list of MNC's in Mangalore...?

When was Mangalore University created?

Mangalore University was created in 1886.

When did Siege of Mangalore happen?

Siege of Mangalore happened in 1783.

What is the motto of Mangalore University?

Mangalore University's motto is 'Knowledge is Light'.

List of mangalore website? Join now and be a part of the Mangalore community.

What is the distance between mangalore to hassan?

Mangalore to Hassan - distance 190 kms

I need the address of UMC hospital in mangalore?

Near jyothi circle mangalore

When was Mangalore Ranga Pai born?

Mangalore Ranga Pai was born in 1931.

When did Mangalore Ranga Pai die?

Mangalore Ranga Pai died in 2003.

Which are the biotech companies in Mangalore?

mangalore biotech laboratory, pumpwell/bikampady industrial area

When was Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangalore created?

Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangalore was created in 1853.

Who is the patron saint of Mangalore Diocese?

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the Mangalore Diocese of India.

What is the Distance between mysore and mangalore?

248 kms.. Route: Mangalore - Puttur - Coorg - Madikeri - Mysore

Where is the ISRO situated?


What is the distance by road between mangalore and chennai?

Chennai to Mangalore - 697Kms (approx 11 hrs, 45 mins)

What is the area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangalore?

The area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangalore is 9,425 square kilometers.

Why does mangalore get more rain than mysore?

Mangalore is on the west coast where Monsoon occurs during June - Sept.

Is Mangalore safe from earthquakes and tsunami?

It depends. If Mangalore is on the ocean than no for both, but if Mangalore is not on the ocean they would only be safe from tsunamis but not from earthquakes. Not from earthquakes because an earthquake could happen anywhere, anytime.

When was St. Joseph's Seminary - Mangalore - created?

St. Joseph's Seminary - Mangalore - was created in 1521.

What has the author Mangalore Narasimha Pai written?

Mangalore Narasimha Pai has written: 'Sleeping without pills' -- subject(s): Insomnia

which is the best pu college in mangalore?

Presidency PU college mangalore is the best choice if you are looking for an integrated college with NEET/JEE/CA Foundation coaching. Visit presidencypucollegemangalore dot com/pu-science-colleges/

Where was Aishwarya Rai born?

Mangalore, India

Distance between Bangalore to mangalore?