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If the question is "What in the First World War" then the answer is planes (Gotha's).

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Date London did not get bomed you World War 2?

The Blitzkrieg bombing of London ended in May of 1941.

How did London change when world war 2 finished?

Many parts of London had to be rebuilt as they had been destroyed by bombing.

When was the London city rebuilt?

Mostly after World War 2 when it was badly damaged by bombing.

What was the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki in World War 2?

The bombing were the only times when atomic bombs was used against mankind.

Who was the world war fought against?

World War 1 was fought against primarily Germany.

When did Germany begin its bombing of London in World War 2?

On September 5, 1940, the Germans began bombing London, reportedly in retaliation for a British raid on Berlin. Bad weather, however, hampered their efforts and it was not until September 15, that the massive bombing attacks began.

What were air raids in world war2?

It's when aircraft from one side bombed a city from the other side, such as the Germans bombing London, or the Americans bombing Berlin.

When did World War 2 begin in London?

The war affected London and the United Kingdom in 1940. The early days had the Battle of Dunkirk, Battle of Britain and the Blitz bombing of London.

Why was London bomd in World War 2?

Hitler wanted to control the air first by a bombing raid.

What cities suffered enormous damage from bombing raids during world war 2?

All British cities were badly damaged by bombing during World War 2 but London and Coventry were hit hardest.

What did the people of London go through during the time of World War I?

Zeppelin bombing attacks of London had little actual effect, but the psychological effects were enormous.

Did any bombing raids take place in world war 1?

Yes. The Germans began bombing London with Zeppelins (air ships). Bombing raids to large cities were carried out with flights of bombers or sometimes individual bombers.

Lion witch and the wardrobe backdrop?

The backdrop of the novel is Germany's World War II bombing attacks on London

What word means the bombing of London?

AnswerThe bombing of London is commonly called the London Blitz, or simply, the Blitz. The word derives from the German term blitzkrieg, which refers to the World War II Nazi strategy using targeted, fast-moving, overwhelming force in order to make it difficult for the enemy to respond. AnswerI believe you are referring to the bombing of London during WWII by Nazi Germany. The word for it is called a "blitzkrieg" In German, it means "lighting war."

Did London England Fall during World War 2?

No, there were severe bombing attacks, but no. England never fell to the Germans.

Where was the worst bombing in the UK during World War 2?

The city of London which was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 76 consecutive nights .

Who were the Americans against in World War 2?

primarily, Japan, Germany and Italy

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