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He was in the Italian Red Cross.

ambulance driver

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Q: In World War 1 what did Hemingway served as an on the Italian front?
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In World War 1 Hemingway served as aan on the Italian front?

Ernest Hemingway served as an ambulance driver in World War I.

In World War 1 Hemingway served as an the Italian front?

ambulance driver

What was Ernest Hemingway's job in World War 1?

he was a writer, a great American journalist ------------ Hemingway was rejected from the U. S. military services on several occassions. His poor eyesight prefented him from taking his place as a member of the U. S. infantry, a position he much desired. In 1917 he was able to join the Red Cross and was sent to the Italian front as part of the American contribution to shore up Italian morale. Hemingway served as an ambulance driver until 8 July 1918 when he was seriously wounded. He was repaitriated to the U. S. before the end of the war.

What role did the Italian Front play in World War 1?

it didnt..

Did Ernest Hemingway live in Paris?

Hemingway may have visited Paris, however he maitained a home in Spain for some time. During WWI he lived in Italy and was in the Italian Regiment and fought on the Austrian front. Additionally, he lived in Cuba, Key West, Michigan (childhood), and Idaho.

Which countries fought on the Italian front in World War 1?

germany and russia

Where is the Italian front located?

The Italian front was located along the Venetian plane and the Eastern Alps. This location was used to determine troop setup during World War I and was changed during WWII.

What major battle did Italy fight in the first World War?

the Italian front 1915-1918

On what date did the Italian army go to The eastern front in World War 2?

July 1941

Where did nurses serve in World War 1?

they served in small ditches to anyone injured . They served behind the lines with their male colleagues in hospitals. Stretcher bearers served in the front lines and these were all male.

Where was Italian front located?


How many Americans served on the front by the end of the war and how many died?

1.3 million served, 50,000 died

What racial term was used for Chinese in World War 2?

This book might help you find some answers: "Hemingway on the China Front." (2006); By Peter Moreria. ISBN 1-5748-8881-1.

Why does the boy with the black silk handkerchief on his face have no medals?

He's not been at the front long enough to earn any medals (Hemingway).

What was Wilfred Owen's company served with?

Wilfred Owen's Company of soldiers were served with an order to move out to the frontier war front.

What cut of meat is traditionally used for the dish osso buco?

It's an Italian dish consisting of braised veal shanks. Veal shank (which is the lower part of the front and back legs) cross cut and served bone in.

Four fronts of ww1?

The four European fronts were: The Western Front The Eastern Front The Gallipoli Front The Italian Front There were two other fronts in the middle east: The Palestine Front The Mesopotamian Front

Why did Hitler want to kill people in the battle of Gallipoli?

Hitler was not involved in the Battle of Gallipoli. He served on the Western Front during World War I as courrier for the German forces.

What were Italian front conditions in world war 1?

Italian front conditions were extreme cold, avalanches, and lack of supplies and water. On average, 3-4 soldiers froze to death each night, and about 60,000 died over the span of the war on the Italian front due to avalanches. It was also very hard to transport the supplies up the mountains in the harsh conditions, and as a result soldiers were left lacking ample clothes, equipment, food, and water.

Who is Babe Ciarlo?

A soldier from the Anzio Campaign of World War II on the Italian Front. He is represented in Ken Burns's The War with his deceitfully positive letters home.

What were the 4 fronts in World War 1?

The Western Front: Britain & France Vs Germany The Eastern Front: Germany & Austro/Hungary Vs Russia The Italian Front: Austro/Hungary Vs Italy The Balkan Front: Britain & Commonwealth Vs Turkey (Gallipoli landings) Added Bonus: A fifth front is the Home Front

How many toes do Hemingway's cats have?

We have a Poly-dactyl or Hemingway cat and she has 5 on the front and 4 each on the back, she recently had kittens and they all have 5 or 6 toes on each paw!! I have read that they can have as many as 7. Contrary to the above post, a cat NORMALLY has five toes on the front feet and four on the back. Only the kittens mentioned above are polydactyl.

What and Italy fought on the Italian front?

The Italian front was fought mainly between Italy (of course) and Austria-Hungary, in the mountains north of Venice, Italy. Their allies also fought, but in comparatively smaller numbers.

Where did war world one take place at?

The main fighting took place on the Western Front (France and Belgium), the Italian Front (Italy), the Eastern Front (Russia) and the Balkan Front (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria). Fighting also took place in the Middle East (Iraq and Palestine), Turkey and in the North Sea.

What were Hitler's experience of war?

He served one the Western Front in WWI and was injured twice