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i like pie and ate monkey poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The answer to that question would be Spam.

They sleep in the trench in would war 1.And smocked ,eat teen food.By: abdikani

What were the prices of food during the war ?

in world war 2 they were not aloud much food at all!

which country supplies the food in ww2? it was mainly America!

On the 8th January 1940 was when the food rationing started in World War 2.

The main antiseptic would have been rum.

You would get a certain amount of food and clothes per week or couple of weeks in world war 2 if you were rationed.

the food in world war 1 was very poor, it was either late or cold

in WW1 (world war 1) women were making food in factory and weapons for the solders

it was important for supplies to reinforce armies or food for the army. if you had control of the sea, it would be a lot easier to win the war. and it would have been easier to invade countries.

food was very rough there were TC.

In Europe the food was so scarce that people were starving and much of the staples were rationed, so ANY food would have been welcome.

It would be about 2/6 of a chance because we would have to get from world war 3 to world war 9 and that would take about to thosands years.

china was in world war 1 because it was a WORLD WAR that would mean it was a war of our world.........

my great grandfather was in world war 1, and in the military bases you would be served either eggs and bacon, or toast with homefries. I have heard it wasn't the best food, but it sure tasted great to the soldiers.

Yes, there were food supply problems during World War II and food rationing was instituted to help ensure the military adequately supplied.

Food leaflets were not used as weapons in World War 1. The leaflets were dropped to inform people where to find food that had been airdopped.

No because it came unexpected that world war two came

a coupon is like a ticket to get food or drink. At stores you would give in your coupon and trade it for a weeks food or so.

World War 2 affected food because all the farmers had to go to war so the women had to do the job but they couldn't do it quickly and properly so food was rationed to stop people from starving during the war.

there is none. the longest war in world war 1 is world war 1. it would have to be the longest battle. :)*

It was mostly caned food and dehydrated food.