In a 1993 ford bronco do you use gear oil or trans fluid in a five speed manual and how much?

I have a 91 with a 5 speed, it takes dex III auto fluid (sounds wrong but isn't ) don't know how much it takes, more than a quart for sure, on the side of the trans there is a fill hole and a drain hole, should be labeled and the higher of the two should be the fill, remove the bolt and insert your finger ( with engine cold and off of course ) fluid should be to the bottom of this hole, it is hard to use a funnel if not imposable, if you don't have something else to use, buy the single quart bottles and drill a hole in the lid of one and insert a tube or small peace of hose a few inches long into the hole you drilled, the tighter the fit the better, but don't kink it. insert other end into fill hole on the trans, then squeeze the bottle and release until trans is full or bottle is empty, it may be messy at times but its cheap, save the lid or ( tool ) you made, easily reused