In a marriage is the husband legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife?

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A husband is not legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife. Many employees opt not to have health insurance for themselves. Health insurance is a voluntary election and no law exists making it otherwise.
However, do be aware that any medical-related debts incurred by one spouse are considered "common" debts, and as such, the other spouse is legally required to pay for them. In the event of a divorce, said debts would be even divided between the spouses, even if only one spouse incurred them.
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Does a wife of 20-years have the legal right to the house when the husband dies without a will and he had children from a previous marriage?

Answer . She should have the rights to the house. Normally when a person dies without a will, the state has a default will that they use to determine who gets the assets. Check with an attorney for your state.\n. \n . \n In every state the current spouse of the deceased is entitled to the hom ( Full Answer )

Is a marriage legal if the husband was not divorced from his first wife when the license was obtained but the divorce papers came in the mail 2 days before the actual ceremony of the second marriage?

Answer . \nDepends upon what the divorce papers were. \n. \nIf it was the final decree and the state in which the divorce was granted does not have a waiting period for the involved parties to remarry, then the second marriage is legal.\n. \nHowever if the above does not apply then the involve ( Full Answer )

Can husband sign insurance for his wife?

One person can only sign for another if they are named in a valid Power of Attorney. Marriage does not give either spouse the right to sign for the other.

Can husband get insurance while wife is pregnant?

This may vary between companies. I write applications for BlueCross BlueShield of Florida, and neither the expectant mother nor expectant father is eligible for coverage until after the baby is born. Also, the baby itself needs to be six weeks old before it will be eligible for coverage. You can che ( Full Answer )

Can husband canceled health insurance on wife?

That would be pretty stupid...but probaly. yep he can My ex did they(the insurance company)said because we didn't file taxes together. LOL what a joke!!

Does a wife have legal power of attorney for her husband?

No, not unless you executed a POA appointing your wife as your attorney in fact. Marriage does not confer all the rights conferred by a power of attorney. A POA gives your agent widespread authority to act on your behalf in most legal matters excepting your will. Your spouse can manage your joint ( Full Answer )

Your husband is leaving his current job to take another job both husband and wife are covered under this employers health insurance can both parties be enrolled in the wifes insurance as prim coverage?

You should be able to. You typically can join your company's group plan during open enrollment, or after a qualifying event. Losing coverage from your husband's employer should be considered a qualifying event. Usually you have a limited time frame to make this change. If all else fails you may lo ( Full Answer )

Can a husband legally discipline his wife?

legally hitting is abuse but how you work your relationship is a trust thing between you and your wife some people in this country have choosen to live in a christian domestic disipline kind of life style but if you do chose this lifestyle proceed with cau ( Full Answer )

Is a wife responsible for her husbands debts?

Like so many things in life - IT DEPENDS. If the debt was for the purchase of a marital asset, that you could both use and/or enjoy - yes you are probably responsible for it. On the other hand if your husband entered into a contract on his own initiative (business OR personal) of which you shared n ( Full Answer )

Does health insurance cover marriage counseling?

No, medical insurance will not cover marriage counseling. Thereneeds to be a mental health diagnosis for counseling / therapytreatment to be considered "medically necessary" and covered bymedical insurance. Marriage and/or relationship counseling is notconsidered medically necessary. There are times ( Full Answer )

Can a husband cancel his wife's health insurance if not legally separated?

If not legally separated, you will probably have to wait until open enrollment through your employer to cancel her insurance. If you do get legally separated, you can cancel insurance as you have had "change in status." Usually insurance companies will process changes outside of open enrollment when ( Full Answer )

Is it cost effective for husband and wife to have double health insurance?

Quick answer NO. Longer answer, it may be wise to to purchase a Critical Illness and Accident Plan. These types of plans would pay you an amount of money in case you had a critical illness or accident. This is money you can use for any reason including paying your deductible and out of pact from you ( Full Answer )

Is a wife responsible for husbands debt created before marriage?

It depends on the state law. Generally, the answer is no. keeping accounts separate after marriage is a good idea. No. Debts incurred before marriage are the responsibility of the person who made the debt. A spouse can be affected by such debts, however, if he or she shares a joint bank account o ( Full Answer )

Is husband financially responsible for car registered owned and insured by wife?

If you reside in a community property state both parties are responsible for such matters until the court rules otherwise. If you do not reside in a CP state the person to whom the vehicle is registered to is considered for all intents and purposes to be the owner. The deciding factor of who is r ( Full Answer )

Does a wife legally have to tell her husband where she is?

She isn't legally required to keep him informed of her exact location at all times, no. If she disappears for an extended period and doesn't tell him where she's gone, that would usually be considered abandonment. It may or may not be illegal depending on the circumstances.

What legal steps can be taken if new husbands ex wife is interfering in our marriage?

You haven't explained what you mean by interfering nor if she needs to be in contact with your husband because they have children together. It is your husband's responsibility to make certain his ex-wife doesn't interfere in your marriage. He needs to be the one to set limits if necessary. If he ( Full Answer )

Is it legal can your husband cancle your health insurance?

Under a group health plan (that is, the insurance is through an employer), the employee could take his/her spouse off of the plan. No signature would be needed from the spouse. The spouse would get a notice about continuing coverage through COBRA. At that point, the spouse could pursue being re-inst ( Full Answer )

Can you get health insurance for incarcerated husband?

No. Health insurers will not cover someone who is incarcerated. Prisoners get their medical services from the state. Certain services will be provided at the prison. For hospital care, the prisoner will be taken to a hospital and guarded. .