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A husband is not legally responsible to have health insurance for his wife. Many employees opt not to have health insurance for themselves. Health insurance is a voluntary election and no law exists making it otherwise.

However, do be aware that any medical-related debts incurred by one spouse are considered "common" debts, and as such, the other spouse is legally required to pay for them. In the event of a divorce, said debts would be even divided between the spouses, even if only one spouse incurred them.

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If you get remarried and have children that you support at home can your child support from your previous marriage be increased?

Are you asking if your previous husband ought to be legally responsible for supporting your children by your new husband?

Is a husband 24 years old legally responsible for a 17 year old wife?

You are both legally responsible for yourselves.

Is your husband legally responsible for your unpaid medical bills if he is the primary insured?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the primary insurance holder. The admission papers are also likely to have specified this.

I am marriage by the church but don't have licence my husband want to get marriage legally but he want a prenatal agreements before we get legally marriage what shot i do?

Don't do it get a license so you can make it official

I'm a sixteen year old married female who is legally responsible your spouse or parents?

The 16 year old female is legally responsible for herself, since marriage emancipates you. There is no marriage where a spouse is your legal guardian. Marriage is equal.

Can husband cash in wife's insurance policy?

If the husband is the nominee of the wife's life policy,and in case of later's eventuality, he can claim the insurance proceeds and the Insurance Co. is legally bound to pay to the nominated husband.

If my husband married another woman is their marriage legit?

Not if he is still legally married to you.

In the state of Virginia can a husband be held legally responsible for medical bills incurred by his wife before they were married?

No, debts incurred before marriage do not become the joint responsibility of a new spouse.

Can you marry a married woman from Brazil without her getting a divorce from her first husband?

No. Her first marriage must be dissolved legally before you can marry her.No. Her first marriage must be dissolved legally before you can marry her.No. Her first marriage must be dissolved legally before you can marry her.No. Her first marriage must be dissolved legally before you can marry her.

Is a marriage of one day legal in Florida?

Yes. If the marriage license was legally obtained and the ceremony legally performed the couple are considered married from the moment they are pronounced "husband and wife".

Is the husband still responsible for ob gynecology bills if the baby is not his in the middle of divorce and the hospital bill.?

If they are still legally married, he has a responsibility. The law will assume the child is his unless proven otherwise. And if the wife is on his health insurance, he is responsible for that as well.

How do you declare your marriage as null and void Your husband was legally married before you were married. How can you settle the nullity of your marriage to him?

Your husband is a polygamist. I would suggest that you see a lawyer and go from there.

If my name only as the owner is on a car but my daughter who has her own insurance on the car was in an accident could you be legally responsible?

No. Car insurance is insurance on the car not insurance on the driver.

What to do about a bigamist marriage when the other husband died?

If you are a bigamist and your first, and legal, husband died then you should arrange to marry your present "husband". Until you do you are not legally married since your "marriage" to him was invalid due to your own marital status.

What if your husband was never annult from his first wife and he married a second wife who is his legally his wife now?

If the first marriage was never legally terminated (though divorce or annulment), the first marriage is still valid and the second marriage is invalid.

How can you dissolve a marriage if your husband used a fake name?

divorce him, legally the marriage was illegal since his name was fake its like you were never married

Are your parents legally responsible for you if you are married and under the age of 21?

No. Marriage is a permanent act of emancipation.

Is a man legally responsible for child support for a child born during his marriage but he is not the father?


Are parents legally responsible for a married 17 yr old in TX?

No, she is emancipated through marriage.

Which insurance pays for the delivery of a baby if you're split up but still married to your husband and still under his insurance for now and get pregnant by someone else?

Good Luck. You will be asking your husbands insurance to pay for the birth of a child that is not his. Talk to the insurance company and also check with state law. Some states the law is that a child born during a marriage is the child of the husband legally unless challenged in court.

Does your husband have a life insurance policy on you?

Your husband cannot legally obtain life insurance on you without your knowledge. And most companies require at least a cursory physical before agreeing to insure someone.

If i am separated from my husband but not legally and he dies in California can i remarry in washington?

Once your husband dies, the marriage is no longer valid. You may marry whoever you like.

If you have full coverage auto insurance and am driving a friend's car who doesn't have insurance and you get a no insurance citation who is responsible for this citation?

the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. he/she/they are legally required to at least have the minimum liability coverage your state requires.

Your daughter was born into your marriage yet your husband is not the biolgical father Does he legally have any rights and how can the biological father establish his rights?

Your husband has no rights over the child because he did not help in the creation of the child, but he can legally adopt her.

Are you legally responsible to pay child support for your new husband children?

No, child support is his responsibility only.