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While blogging on popular blogging platforms such as Tumblr, when a person responds to a post with the word "This." it means that they agree with the post. It also may mean that they support the idea of the post, or feel very passionately about what is being spoken about.

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What does post in post date mean?

It means "after".

What does the word Post mean?

Post as in post before a word means after, whereas pre means before. Also post can mean sending mail in britain. As in you post a letter.

What does post mean in history?

I expect you mean that 'post' translates as 'behind, after, later, subsequent to'. So as an example, post 2000, would mean after the year 2000.

What does prefix post mean?

the prefix post means after

What does post mean in medical terms?

post means after

What does post hire only mean?

post hire only

What is ex post facoto?

I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact" I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact"

What is a post decree calendar?

What does "post decree" mean when referring to divorce

What does post 1996 mean?

"Post 1996" means the same as "After 1996."

What does after mean in Latin?

After=Post in LatinAs in: Post Bellum meaning : after war

What does the acronym pps mean?

Post post script most common.

What does post-judgment mean?

judgment mean some one who have done worg and receives his or her judgement

What does 'post mortem' mean?

Post mortem means "after death."

What does kaloka ang post no to ha mean in English?

Your post is making me crazy.

What does the root word post mean?

The root word post means after or behind.

What factors were behind the country's post was economic boom?

Do you mean post war.

Does post mean before or after?

"Post" means after and "Pre" means before.

What does rwp mean on facebook?

it mean Random Wall Post

What does the prefix post mean?

After, subsequent to.

What does post mean in Latin?

It means 'after.'

What does post contribution mean?

After contributing

What does the suffix post- mean?


What are words that start with post but mean after?

post script or post mortem -postpone means to put off until later

What does the Latin stem 'post-' mean?

In Latin, 'Post' is a preposition that governs the accusative case. It means after or behind.

What does it mean to roll on 4chan?

When you post, whatever the last couple numbers of your post are, that is what you rolled.

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