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you get the comic pisis then put it together and give it to the man in the big nate bilding and get the gum.

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How do you get a pack of gum on Poptropica?

all you have to do to get a pack of gum is: on Big Nate Island you have to collect all of the big nate comic book pieces.

All about gum?

big nate island has lots of gum included!

How do you get to the filling cabinet in big Nate island?

get some gum in a mini-game from nate and go to the school.then go to detention and chew the gum

On what island do you find gum on Poptropica?

On Big Nate island, you have to go into the Komix Shop, and talk to the guy, then find all of the Big Nate comic pieces, assemble them, and give them to him. Then he'll give you gum. *Various kinds of "effects" using gum are also available in the Store, but do not have anything to do with Big Nate Island.

How do you get the gum in big nate poptropica?

you need to finish the comic give it to the guy an he will give you gum

Were do get the gum from big nate?

find all comics and give it to the man and he well give you a bubble gum!

How to get gum in potropica big nate?

you collect the comic peices and go back to the man and he will give you the gum

Where is the chew gum in big nate?

You can get chewing gum after you complete the comic and give it to the guy asking you to complete it

Where do i find the gum in big nate in poptropica?

You have to finish the comic for the guy.

Where is the gum on big nate island?

You get the gum as a reward for finding and assembling the Big Nate comic. Get the frame from the guy at Klassic Komix and find the missing 8 pieces. Put them in the proper order and show them to the comics guy, and you will get the gum. (see related question)

Where to get the bubble gum on Big Nate?

you need to get all of the comic strip pieces

Where and how do you get detention in poptropica on big nate?

If I remember correctly, you blow bubble gum in the school.

How do you get into the detention room in Big Nate?

You chew bubble gum in front of the door to the detention room by the sign that says "No Gum Chewing."

How do you get the gum on big nate island on poptropica?

after you find all the pieces of the comic speak to the guy on the comic store and he will reward you with the gum

How do you get to the detention room on big Nate?

You chew bubble gum in front of the door to the detention room by the sign that says "No Gum Chewing."

On poptropica where do you get chewing gum on big nate?

At "Klassic Komix", talk to the guy in there. He will ask for a complete comic. Give him the comic and he will give you gum.

On big nate island what will happen if you waste the gum?

The gum can not be wasted. It is an unlimited package, just like the Peanut Butter Crackers. =) -kelsey.

How do you get bubble gum in big nate on poptropica?

bring the comic pieces to the man in klassic komix then i think he gives u chewing gum

Where do you get a detention slip on Big Nate Island?

You just chew bubble gum then the teacher yells at you.

Where are the comic parts to the comic book to get the gum?

All around big nate island. You have to find it.

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